Trade? Yomega Dash, Hotshot and DV888 *pix* ~~PENDING~~

Hey guys i have a few yoyos im looking to trade perhaps. I have a Blue Yomega Dash thats a few months old, it was one of my first throws, but i really dont want it any more, it has a little gash on it, which u can see some raw metal on it, and pretty much some cosmetic scratches on it from like walk the dog on random stuff, so there are like circular scratches on it. It plays fine tho, no vibe, new clean bearing. Also a Yomega Hot shot, i used it like 3 times, i hate it, it has a small crack. No scratches, plays fine, no scratches or anything. Also i have a 2 month old Gray DV888 w/ a center trac bearing. Has a few minor scratches on it. Plays like new, no vibe or anything. If intrested plz PM me and ill shoot u a pic.

Now this may sound crazy but lol, but for a trade all 3 of these yoyos im looking for:
WHAT I REALLY WANT IS any newer CLYW! **I will trade all 3 yoyos plus some custom home made string to your liking + a few extra bux :o :o**

Genesis Hubstack
Super Nova

And these throw i want, ill trade Both of my Yomega yoyos Plus some of home made string! for:

Dark Magix
Y-Factor or Dingo
Crucial Half & Half
POP Star
Bass Boost
RecRev Carbon

Thanks guys, i know im dreaming lol but hey, its what i want lol.

I have a yomega ooch yo metal its preety good its a smaller pocket throw and its in preety good condition it was 50 dollars when i bought it ive been wanting a dv888 so reply if you are interested.