I’ve been letting my collection build up over the past couple years and I think its time to say goodbye to those throws I can stand to let go… money is useful for paying rent/buying groceries… yoyos not so much.

That being said, I would prefer to sell these, but I will entertain trade offers.  I would prefer paypal and will ship within 24 yours of receipt of payment.

having trouble posting pics in this post, but check out the photos on photobucket:

For Sale are:

In order they appear in photobucket library (not best to worst):

Throw Down Lucha Libre: red delrin with great spintime and heavy rim weighting. near mint (a few scuffs on outer rim)

3YO3 Volume: acrylic, half black, half white. One asphalt ding but still plays smooth

IKYO Agape: custom green speckle paint job: near mint, great player

OD 54: Blue, a few dings, none very deep. with code1 SEs

OD dietz: Blue, Mint Mint with red dietz SE’s

'99 yomega Firesorm: gold, some small scratches, no transaxle

'99 yomega RBII: black, a few scratches, with bearing

'99 yomega panther: wooden yoyo

'99 superyo renegade yoyo: minor scratches, could use a new bearing

YYF DV888: grey, a few flat spots, plays fine

Crucial A La Mode:  Blue with red and gold splatter, Mint

General YO Enthos: gold/yellow, Mint

YYJ New Breed: green body, near mint

OD Burnside: Yellow, 2 very minor dings, with box, plays smooth (One of my favorite throws but I have 2)

Xcube Steamroller: custom electric confetti paint job (wearing away on the sharp edges… it was magenta underneath) plays great if you like wide throws

H5 x CLYY equinox: MIB Northern Lights Colorway

ILYY valve: Green, near mint ( a couple 5A marks that havent broken the ano… not visible in pics)

MFYY Evil Yo: Silver with green splatter, some minor nicks and a touch of vibe (great for tech tricks)

STYY remnant 2: Red, 2 scratches and a flat spot, sanded side rims, a little vibe

OD cafe racer: Flame thrower colorway, Mint

10YO Wet Whistle: half green half black, on tiny pin prick… not visible in pics

CYYC Manimal: Aquatic (blue and black acid wash) colorway,  a couple flat spots and ano wear around rims, small amount of vibe

Thats all… thanks for looking.  PM with offers or questions



How much for dv888?


Do you still have the General YO Enthos: gold/yellow, Mint for sale?

How much?.


hi is the steamroller still available?