FT: YYF Popstar and Yomega Dash ** trade complete plz delete**

Hey guys im looking to trade these 2 yoyos, One is a Gray Popstar and 2nd is a pretty scratched up yomega dash, which was my first metal, The dash play like new no vibe or anything everything is cosmetic, pretty much were i got all the scraches, 1 big ding and 1 flat spot was from 1 throw were the string broke in my house and it took off into my tile kitchen lol, but honestly it still plays great! Also The gray Popstar plays AMAZING! But i feel its just not for me. Very Stable/ no vibe. Has 1 pin prick on the side. Has a few pricks from taking the bearing off >:( Got stuck once…blah Im willing to trade both of these throws at once, pretty much the dash is for a deal sweetener!! Here are some pix.

Looking for:
Yuuksta!!! Been wanting one for a long time!
Anything CLYW *Yeah right lol
Dingo,M1, P2
Under size yoyos
Metal yoyos only
Bearings, 10-Ball, KK or CT

Dont want:
low ball!
bi-metals (besides a DM2)
Missing parts

Im really easy going, even if you offer me like a Beat up g5 or like 888 or anything, as long as it plays good i dont care what the paint looks like, you can always paint it hehe. Thanks guys good luck! Also you must be willing to ship with a tracking number, as i will also.

how much for the popstar?

popstar is gone, check my new BST have a 888x im trying to get rid of. Thanks