YYF ShaqlerStar

Hey guys first yoyo review ill try to include as much as possible

Diameter:55.95 mm
Width: 43.15 mm
Gap: 4.43 mm
response system: CBC slim pads 19 mm
bearing size: size C CBC bearing

what i thought about it

When i first got the package i was amazed i just ripped the box open and took it out and threw it. perfectly balanced runs smooth no vibe. the color of it is really cool its like a tran. blue/cyan

No vibe
Well balanced

i dont know if this is for all of the shaqlerstars but it had happened to me when i got it the caps at the end one side had a small bump to it so i thought it was fine but then i felt it again and i felt a small crack in the caps. but to fix this problem just get a pair of pliers and untwist the axle and it is fixed.

this yoyo is a good advanced/expert throw

it spins for a good 2.5 mins on a clean bearing

i highly recommend this throw for those who do not want to spend 100 bucks on metal throws. this yoyo is like a metal yoyo but plastic

Hoped this review help thanks for reading! ;D