Yoyofactory Shaqlerstar review


This is my first review, criticism and feedback appreciated!
The yoyo being reviewed:

Diameter: 55.94 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43.15 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.43 mm / .17 inches
Response System: CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD
Weight: 69.5 grams
Bearing Size: Center Trac Bearing by CBC

Shape: This yoyo has a shape compareable to a code 2, rockstar, protostar, and starlite. It is sightly more angled than the code 2. It has an ever so slightly smaller diameter than a FH0, and has a wide, v shape.


First impressions:When i first recieved this yoyo as a chistmas present from my friend darkadlermagic3, i was happy to see my old friend the northstar back in my possesion again (take note, im much better a player now than i was when i had my original northstar). It was beautiful in my opinion. The design and slickness on the side of the yoyo and the translucent blue really got to me!

Unboxing : I opened this at school. It come with the yoyofactory instuction booklet, the champions collection box and string. The side caps seem to use a much slicker plastic than the original northstar.

Performance: This is crazy. It was like my reaction when i got my first northstar. I’m very honest when i say this, but this plays as well as my code 2 and other similarly shaped metals! The wide catch zone really makes it easy to land more technical tricks (of the few i know)

Speed: This yoyo tends to play at a slower speed, but can go fast when you try.

Horizontal: This yoyo is great for it. I’m absolutely horrendous at horizontal, but this makes it feels comfortable!

Stability: Very stable! Much more stable than most other plastics at its price! It doesnt tilt much after pulling off long combos.
I tried various stability tests on it, such as trying to force it to tilt on a trapeze. It Feels rim weighted and takes a while to tilt using the trapeze test. (Thanks FiveIronBrian for giving advice and Brenden Mcginnis for teaching me the trapese test!)

Spin time: Very often people will ask about the sleep time on yoyos. This sleeps for an easy 2 minutes, as long and longer than metals.

General Notes: This yoyo is great. Fully unresponsive, low walls, nice comfy shape. Feels great. Definetely a good yoyo for someone looking for a competition worthy yoyo at an inexpensive price point!

Other notes:
This is definitely a yoyo to pick up. But it’s more of a yoyo for the more intricate, technical styled person or a slacker. The only problem I have with it are the annoying spacers, and the vibe. If youre a vibe freak, you might have an issue with this. It not too vibey for a plastic, but it won’t become smooth no matter what you do to it. Also, its LOOOOOUUUUUDDD!!

Thank you for reading this, sorry its so terrible compared to other reviews. I hope to make more reviews on other yoyos! FEEDBACK WANTED!




Aren’t Northstars vibey?


Honestly it seem to be a bit smoother. Thanks, post edited a bit.


I agree. I don’t like YYF all that much and their latest throws Ive been liking, not much vibe going on.


Every Northstar is hand tested in the factory before shipping. To keep them smooth care must be taken when taking apart and reassembling the yoyo. The tolerences are crazy tight and if things are forced, vibe can be induced, but with a little care, vibe should never be a problem.


bump! Feedback on my review wanted! :wink:


I love my northstar :wink: vibes but plays great.


I think the review was well-organized and thoughtful. Also a good length.

However, I don’t agree with the way you describe the stability by gyro flops:

Assuming it’s smooth, a more stable yo-yo with more rim weight will flop slower than a less stable yo-yo with more center weight, although a more stable yo-yo will typically spin longer than a less stable yo-yo. So the number of flops doesn’t seem like a good indicator of stability.

I would describe the stability by how easily the yo-yo can be tilted off its spin axis (e.g. how easily it tilts during fast play or sloppy play when the string is touching the walls), especially when the spin has slowed down some. In addition to this you could describe the speed of the gyro flops when the yo-yo is still spinning fast (slow=stable, fast=less stable).

Hope this is helpful and constructive!


Thank you, the fact that you took the time to do that is very much appreciated! :smiley:
Ill take note so if i make another review ill describe it better!




Great review I’m planning on getting one.




Bump ill try to write a rewiew for the metropolis and Pro Z when im back from DC.


The pro-z is the absolute best yoyo you can buy under 10$, no arguments.