replay :(

i have a repaly if you unscrew it it does not go back together it requires a trick and i droped it it lannded on the axle and pushed the axle through it popping off the cap and now with the caps on it wobbles.and this is were the problems started(ya i told it backwards)i had it on a table and it got hot out and it cracked up.

i unscrew mine all the time there is nothing wrong with these yoyos the best 15$ plastic you can get. I wonder why it is doing this.

Happened to my NorthStar as well.

I was very bummed out. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do.

Have you tried contacting YoYoFactory about this? I’d suggest you do if you haven’t already.

I think its just the new plastic they using

idk it was made to be cheap so the plasic must be cheap

You were saying? And the plastic on the Replay looks very thin

the rims on top of the metal ring is indeed really really thin

The whole yoyo’s plastic is thin