Replay Pro Vibe

I don’t know if this is just me but I’ve had bad experiences with yoyofactory plastics (besides the Protostar). My Replay Pro came really vibey out of the box, which is supposed to be “normal” with plastics, but mine came too hard to ignore. I noticed that when I go to screw it in the axle goes in 7/8s of the way before it hits threads which is worrying.

Hello. I had a similar experience with a YYF Daydream I recently bought, which I think is manufactured with the same innards. It had a serious vibration problem from the first throw and I thought I had gotten a lemon. Fortunately, its performance improved when I changed to a different bearing (it happened to be a YoyoJam speed bearing) and tightened it so that the arrows lined up. I’m not sure why a different bearing improved things because the stock center track spins fine and is quite smooth in the yoyo I switched it to. I guess sometimes the bearing just doesn’t line up properly on the seat.

As for how the axle goes in 7/8s of the way before hitting threading, if I understand your concern, I think that’s just how most nut and bolt design yoyos are. My Daydream (among others) does this too.
I hope that helps.

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