Vibey new replay...

I just got my brand new replay in the mail 4 days ago and ever since it has been pretty shaky. I didn’t give it much attention until I tried my friends replay and realized how smooth it is supposed to be. We lubed the bearing but that didn’t seem to do much. Could anybody help?

I am assuming it is the plastic replay pro you are talking about. I have heard that some are simply vibey but in my experience make sure the arrows on them are aligned and they play great. I have three of them and all of them play smooth if the arrows are aligned, but if they aren’t they are terribly vibey.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Ive always aligned the arrows but it’s always been loud and shaky and won’t sleep as long as other replays

ive never used the alignment arrows really i just tightened or untightened till the yoyo played somewhat smooth… to try to achieve perfect zen by aligning the arrows is a misconception…

also another thing to not is some replays are dead smooth other replays are vibey… most replays are vibey just cause that is what plastic does best…

I personally don’t mind vibe because i do alot of regens which makes vibe. my advice is if its not hurting you or the yoyo just pull through it… vibe isn’t bad though it can be annoying.

there is very little you can do with it since it is a plastic but you might try tuning it with some plumbers tape on the axle that might help keep it smooth and not as vibey as it was…

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I own 3 replays. 2 I swapped halves on for 2 tone color. Both pay pretty good. My clear replay from the mystery pack vibes like an earth quake. On the 2 smoother replays, the alignment arrows mean nothing and are actually far apart.

Sounds like some are smooth, some aren’t.

Same mine vibes as well, I’m thinking I might need to change the bearing or something.

I have three so far, and they all play great. Actually, I think it’s plenty smooth, especially for a $16 yo-yo. And, I have never had any issue with a YoyoFactory plastic yo-yo with the arrows. I have to agree with alecto. I think a lot of the talk about vibe on a $16 yo-yo is just not something I even consider a big deal at all.

YOu can try to tune it:

Change the axle direction
Change the bearing (flip it)
Try new string
Try to screw it until it’s tight enough, test, then try again

ooh! this reminds me changing the string with mine does tend to help a little with my replay pro it might for yours as well!

Super easy fix:

Contact the store you bought it from and ask for a replacement.

Ta da!

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Its a cheap plastic, cant really get picky. I expect cheap plastics to vibe. the 2 i have are dead smooth tho :wink:

Just luck. Or tune it.

If you’re unhappy with the yo-yo and it’s still in brand new condition just contact the store you purchased it from and they will help you out.

I recently got 3 replays, aurora, clear mystery and black with teal(gift for someone) and all seem rather smooth. Has some slight vibe but minor sure if its my throw or just minimal vibe. Either way it doesn’t affect playing.