Arrows on Replay Pro?


Anyone know what the arrows on the sides of this Replay Pro I got indicate/are for?

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I believe the yoyo was tightened until the arrows matched, making it as smooth as possible.


See, I was thinking that might be it, too, but I’m apprehensive about cranking on it to get them to line up. I’m thinking I should send YYF an email and see what they say.


It’s pretty common for them to not line up and many people will tell you it doesn’t really make a difference.


Yea, the only thing I’ve noticed is that it isn’t as smooth as the metal ones Dave sent me. It’s still way nicer than anything I had when I was a kid.


When you get them new the arrows will be lined up for factory smooth play. As you play with plastic yo-yos, take them apart, over tighten a little, the arrows will not align as much. If it’s playing well I would just ignore them.


Yea, it plays fine for my skill level. I don’t think it’s hurt anything.