Hey guys,

Whenever I unscrew my yoyo apart to lube the bearings and twist it back on, I can never get the two yoyo sides to align together as how it came out of the box. So on one side, the Shutter sign will be upside down, and Gentry’s signature on the other side of the yoyo will be facing upward or sideways.

Now my Replay Pro won’t spin since apparently it’s over tightened. In this case, I can’t seem to align the arrows on the Replay Pro where the tension is just right.

Is there a proper way to twist the yoyo back on so that it is aligned?

Thank you!!

(rizkiyoist) #2

If it doesn’t spin anymore, you probably just broke it. If it was me I wouldn’t mind too much about the logo as long as it’s tightened properly. A good way to do this is to put one side on your palm and then twist with the other hand, once it slips on your palm, it’s tight enough.


Oh no… I’m not sure how I broke it… :frowning:

Thanks for helping me out rizki!!


It could just be so tight that you’re compressing the bearings too much? Will it spin if you loosen it?


It will, but it only spins for a little bit.

I can’t seem to properly line up the arrows on the Replay Pro.


If you take it apart and leave the bearing in one half, does the bearing spin freely if you give it a flick with your finger?


Yup! But not for too long, 2-3 seconds.

Is there a way to line up the arrows properly with the right amount of tightness?


Once they have gone past that, no (if it’s due to over tightening).
Do you have another bearing you can put on there and test how long it will spin? If so compare those. If the other one spins a lot longer you need to clean your bearing.

(major_seventh) #9

The arrows are not meant to be realigned every time you screw your yoyo back together.

The arrows are only there to show that it was smooth by factory standards when it was released.


Really? That is cool to know! :slight_smile:



I didn’t know that. Cooool!

(major_seventh) #12

I mean that’s what I’ve heard. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only one who can answer this question exactly would be YYF themselves, but I do know that once you unscrew your yoyo the arrows won’t ever align perfectly again.


I think it’s something like that… Think of it this way:

I use the arrows as a guide, don’t thread past arrows. I get is snug, throw , feel for vibe. If vibe present, tighten about 1/8-1/6 in. Throw again and retest vibe . I will do this until I get somewhat smoothness or close to but never past the 2 arrows alignment.

Since the axle is held in place by the cap, and some people will hulk out when screwing the halves back together. I think it’s to use as a reference to not over tighten . Just my 2 cents


I double checked. The bearing spins just fine when I flick it. I might haven broken the yoyo somehow…