Just got my Dark Magic in the mail.... there's a problem =/

Well I finally got my DM in the mail today. I opened it up and the box was beaten up and what not. I threw a sleeper and it looks like the yoyo is un-even… I don’t know if this is normal or defective, and if it is, what can I do about it…?

make sure everything is set up right and get your throw as straight as possible and if it continues contact yoyojam

What do you mean it’s uneven? It has a vibe?

he probably means its tilting alot

It is your throw if its tilting, its not a defect.

If it is tilting, it is your throw. Practice throwing a straight sleeper and the problem will go away.

No it’s not tilting. It’s like, it’s not perfectly round, like on a bicycle, when the rim is kinda bent, it looks like it goes up and down.

That’s supose to be there.

alright thanks =] I was starting to sh*t some bricks

Please don’t swear or imply swear words. Thanks.

I think I know what you mean by it going up and down, but it looks like gm does so I guess your question is answered.

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is weird though because it only does it on one side

Does what?

like if its uneven from one side

Ok, I’m a bit confused now.

Look at this link: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/dark-magic/view/01.html

Where is the yoyo "uneven?

Where the plastic meets the metal?

No, I think he means like if he just rolled the yoyo on the ground it would go ‘bump’ ‘bump’ ‘bump’ with each spin. Like it is pressed on the rim, pressed like it is flat.

Pictures would help


I rolled it on the ground and the rims don’t seem balanced, it’s not a bump bump bump, but sort of like an in, out, in, out. I don’t think pictures would help me explain it =/

But it would help us see the actual problem.

I think its a defect that has happen before, contact YYJ here. :slight_smile:

Yeah sounds like a defect…

Unless the beat up box has something to do with it. Maybe a really bad postal service?