New Toys

I’m pretty pumped because i got on here yesterday and randomly decided to by a Dark Magic…just on impulse. Anyways, sitting around and waiting for it to show up in the mail…Throwing a Legacy right now, and have enjoyed it a lot.

In addition, getting ready to graduate from intermediate to advanced tricks haha, so again, very very excited. still working on intermediate tricks a little more before i move on…

guess thats all for now…just a little rant of excitement.

happy throwing,

Good choice! Dark Magics are great yoyos.

I know how it feels to be waiting for a dark magic i just got mine a few days ago and im loving it!

Tell us when it arrives!!

lols just remember, when playing with metal rimmed yoyos (like dm), don’t play on rock/concrete/brick floors, or play around tables, ladders and chairs. Those are the kinds of stuff that dent and dinge your metal yoyos, and when you do that, you will feel depressed because you are never gonna undo that dent :frowning: Okay that was over dramatic rofl, but yeah. Take care of the dm, and good luck learning :slight_smile:

I’m going to say it probably wont get here till tuesday…but that’s ok i suppose, i have way too much other stuff going on right now, so idk if ill get the chance to break it in right away…i still can’t wait though haha

Really excited that i got my DM today in the mail, what a relief after spending all day teaching people how to weld, and then attempting to fix the lady friends car…which has in turn caused my whole house to smell like gas bc of the leak she has…but thats off topic.

does anyone know about the adjustable gap on the DM? im assuming that its the point which tightening the halves becomes more difficult…is there some sort of limit on this?

Straight away, i am amazed with this yoyo…spins forever straight out of the box, havnt even broken it in yet, but was throwing for a few minutes…

ok, enough rambling…

On the adjustable gap, just keep adjusting so that the string doesnt fall between the bearing and the bearing seat. Yo cant really tell, but you will have to find out yourself.

I like the dents on mine, It shows how much i use it and love it.

Hope you enjoy your new yoyo. I am waiting on 888’s to get restocked and then i will make my first purchase from YYE! As Ebinballer said, don’t get too attached to the “newness” of it as you most likely will bang it on a few things every now and then as you learn. I was way too hung up about the condition of my yoyos until I saw a thread on YYN where everyone showed their banged up 100+ dollar yoyos! My most expensive yoyo is only about 30 dollars and all my yoyos have scratches/dings. I will probably cry a river when I scratch my first metal, but it happens and it shows you are really paying attention to it!

hahaha, ive already banged it off stuff followed by “oh S@#$” as i lok for dings, but i know itll get used and messed up, like any good tool, it shows its usage.

the Dark Magic is one of my two favorite yo-yo’s that I own. It teaches tricks very well. you can also look into getting a Legacy.

He already has a Legacy.

its true, i do have a legacy, but for some reason the DM just feels so much better when im throwing, have been able to smooth out a lot of tricks with it, or maybe its just ive been doing the tricks more…who knows.

You will like your DM I promise you.

It’s a good shape, good weight. it’s a really good yo-yo.

Your first throw will be very smooth, I think your expression will be like WHOA!

~Steven :wink:

Yup, thats basically what happened haha, i still say whoa almost each time i do it. ive even managed to “master” tricks relatively quickly with it