Dark Magic manufacturing question

Hey All,

I just got my DM yesterday from yoyoexpert to compliment my YYF Superstar, YYF BOSS and Lyn Fury. When I took out my new DM, I noticed first that the gap between the plastic and the metal rim is quite obvious, and that the transition from metal to metal rim isn’t flush. The plastic sticks out further than the metal, exposing a sharp plastic lip around the yoyo. Now maybe I’m just spoiled by my YYF metals build quality, but I immediately thought how cheap the DM seemed. Not to mention, the rims came with scratches on them new.

Is this normal for a new Yoyojam DM or did I just get one with a manufacturing defect? I hope it’s a defect, or I’ll not likely spend more money on Yoyojam’s products.

They have the best customer service. Just contact them from their website and let them know what you have found. They will probably send you a new one without the flaws. People aren’t perfect and sometimes bad yo’s slip through the cracks and get sent out.

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Ok, so where the metal and plastic come together it is supposed to be smooth? That would make me feel a lot better about getting a replacement. I just wasn’t sure if all Dark Magics were like that.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah they wouldn’t do something like that. It is indeed supposed to be smooth there.

Well I wouldn’t say totally smooth. I would say there shouldn’t be a gap between the two though.

Thanks again for the replies. I have attached a picture to show how paper easily fits into the gap. It is mostly on one side.

It plays nicely, so I guess I’m trying to decide whether I really want to send it back. It will get scratches, dings and scuffs so that really isn’t an issue with this throw, I just don’t want to have any problems down the road.

yeah my DM came to me like that too. the plastic sticks out farther than the metal rims

yoyosnard, did you end up returning or keeping the DM?

I kept it. It’s not that big of a deal once you get used to it. If it’s really bothering you that much then you can take it back.

The rings are pressure fitted to the plastic, and the plastic should stick up just the tiniest of bits. If the plastic is in anyway “sharp”, and the gap is bigger than it looks like it should be, then I would definitely contact YYE at contact@yoyoexpert.com, or YYJ directly.

I’ve decided to keep it as it doesn’t effect play at all that I can tell. I really don’t want to part with it as I’m having too much fun with it and I don’t really notice it unless I’m looking. Thanks for the help!

I thought the plastic was molded around the metal? Or is that just with some of their metal rimmed yoyos? If it’s with all of the, it definitely shouldn’t be like that, but if you want to just keep playing with it, that’s cool.

This is wrong.

This is correct.

There is always a gap… it shouldn’t be all that large. The yyj molds are getting rather old by this point though, wouldn’t surprise me if quality has fallen off a bit.


I got 2 DMs last summer and they were both like that. I was a bit dissapointed at this as well. Sometimes the string catches on this edge… I keep thinking to turn that edge down on a lathe.


well there wasn’t anythin wrong with mine and I have been using it for like two months now.(perfect condition) Like Apetrunk said the plastic is moulded into the metal so sometimes there could be some gap in it…good luck :slight_smile:

Mine didnt come like that at all I would say its a defect.