dark magic help

i have a problem with my DM.the plastic on it is a little bit higher then the metal so whin go to do to do a arm grind it hurts any tips or can i sand it down or will that damage it

I don’t understand at all.

If I was just reading that, I would have no idea what you’re talking about. The plastic is a little bit here? What?

Are you trying to say that where the plastic meets the metal, the plastic sticks out a bit?

read it know

Ok, it makes more sense now. You should sand it, it won’t damage it.

Try to work on your grammar and spelling.

First, I would try to contact YoyoJam and see if they can do anything about it. If they tell you that there is nothing they can do for you, then you can follow this, but make sure that there is nothing they can do.

Yes you could sand it down. It should be easy if you have a lathe, but it is possible with just a drill. You would want to spin the drill/lathe and put sandpaper (as fine of sandpaper as you can get) on it so that it gets sanded down. However make sure not to get the metal and only do as much as you need.

Same thing with my dark magic, had it for 3 months now. Anyways, where the plasic edge of the yoyo meets with the metal rim, the plastic edge is slightly higher than the metal edge. When I do a bind and the yoyo retracts back to my hand, I sometimes get small paper cuts from the plastic cutting into my skin.

Yeah. You don’t need a lathe. You can do it by hand. But make sure you sand it down parallel to the spin to make it grind better.