Yo-yo imperfections

I recently got my Dang from YYE in the mail, and been playing it non stop. However i’m a little disappointed, when I first took the yoyo apart i noticed a little dent where the bearing sits. It doesn’t affect play in anyway, but it bothers me knowing there’s an imperfection there. I didn’t post this to complain, but to ask if anyone else experienced something similar? This happened to me twice as my Legacy has these grooves all over them. Does this happen often? Or do I just have bad luck with yoyos?

Also heres a pic of the dent http://imgur.com/F5rMqt Does anyone know anyway to possibly fix it?

Looks like it was either anodized that way or something happened in shipping prior to assembly.

That’s not a good spot for such an issue. I’d see about getting it replaced.

As far as the Legacy II with the lines, depending on how, it could be the mold used. That kind of plastic will show lines like that easily.

Much ado about nothing. :wink:

Well, YYE is great about returns so I’d never keep something I wouldn’t be happy with. Recently Andre contacted Oxygene for me, had them ship me a new Oxy 5 direct from Italy, and then sent me a paid return label to send mine back…all because of a scratch.

But this isn’t a regular thing. Out of the maybe 15 metal throws I’ve ordered from YYE over the last few months that Oxygene was the only one with an issue, and I think that happened during shipping.

All the YYJ’s ive ever had/seen have a bunch of weird bumps and lines in the plastic. It does not look very good.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t ask my yoyo to be. All matter is just vibrating energy anyway, so even if it affects play I can usually tolerate it. When you only play a wood yo-yo, you throw the idea of “perfection” out the window pretty quick.

That said, it rocks being sponsored by a company who is known for making pristinely smooth and well-made yo-yo’s, because if imperfections are there, I generally put them there myself.

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If you buy a new car you will find imperfections. If you buy a computer you will do the same. If you are that bothered by it then you hold the manufacturers to an extremely high pedestal. Nothing is perfect. Ever. I am happy with ano flaws, slight scratches and other things. The only thing would be either getting a new yoyo with a rusty or not spinning bearing or one that has seriously bad flaws.

Like Ed has said in the past; we play yoyo for fun not for how the yoyo looks.

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I actually like to have imperfections in my YoYo. With a new YoYo I’m always worried about damaging it but with my first ding I’m always able to play without worrying as much. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to have a good condition yo-yo if you want to re-sell it.

But, some throws are beaters, and those throws are fun.

If I had this I might put it through a blender. :smiley:


I’d rather give that yoyo to a kid that can’t afford one. Like the great Zammy does, maybe we sould start a drive to donate good condition throws to give to the not so fortunate. We’ll see.

That’s another day and another topic though.

Good point, but I’d rather give him one that doesn’t stink.

Literally we should do that, would be epic and incredibly nice. More people need to get into this but many people can’t afford it.

I wouldn’t expect anyone that couldn’t afford it to do it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

I second this! Andre and his crew always take care of the customer from my experience. I’ve had several yoyos replaced or repaired at no cost to me. If you feel this imperfection will affect play or decrease the lifespan of your yoyo have it replaced. Even if it just bothers you, it can’t hurt to contact anyone at yye and ask them for assistance.
Good luck! ;D