A-Grade Imperfections

As I get deeper and deeper into the hobby, I get more curious about different aspects of the manufacturing process. This particular question is geared towards the anodizing or painting of a yoyo. If there is a thread already on this or a page where the various coating methods are laid out, I would love to learn more.

I want to preface by saying that I have no problem with the particular yoyo I received in the mail and am only using it as an example, but I’m just curious about imperfections that may occur or be overlooked in the coating process.

With that…I received my brand new Dale in the mail today. I looked over the yoyo, cleaned it up and noticed a small bare spot on the finish (Pics Below). I buy most of my throws new and never really see imperfections in the finishes, unless otherwise noted (B grades, fools gold, etc). Maybe I don’t notice them or look closely enough, which leads me to my question. It basically boils down to if its somewhat common for there to minor blemishes that are overlooked in the coating process, or if this particular yoyo might be a unique circumstance. What would cause the spot to form? Again, I am only asking because I am curious about the different coating processes and the difficulty it might take in achieving a complete coat. I am in no way trying to diminish the quality of this particular yoyo. Appreciate any feedback.


Normally I would say unless disclosed that starts to stray into defect territory. For example, the green Life had some freckles and was sold as B grade as a result.

That being said, I got the exact same Dale which has the exact same markings. They did call the colorway “denim” which may allude to this issue.

I decided either way it doesn’t matter I freaking LOVE this thing.

But specifically to answer your question very technically I would consider anything other than perfect application of color some level of defect. How the customer or manufacturer deals with each instance may vary.


Get yourself one of these (below), you would be surprised by what you can see even on a new yoyo.


You kids today have all the best toys!



I have had a few yoyos form various manufacturers show up with some flaws I would consider b grades slipping through the cracks. It isn’t as bothersome when it is a product that can be replaced or swaped out via retailer or manufacturer, but it does frustrate me on limited run products that sell out quickly because I feel like it puts you between a rock and a hard place.


maybe, but as a counterpoint I also received the same Dale which doesn’t have any markings like pictured.

It doesn’t seem to be an uncommon thing though. I got a Deeper State from One Drop (in the Black Friday Mystery Box) a while back that had a mark like the one pictured in one of the hubs of the yo-yo, the Yoyofactory Flame I got back over the summer had what seems like a nick inside the rim, and there’s an A-grade Peregrine on the BST that has markings in the cup that came that way from the manufacturer.


Rainbow rims also have weird spots in the rim, like a darkened spot (usually purple). The blemish is obvious on a lot of yoyos with rainbow rims. You can see these clearly on the product images of the edge beyond and the exia.

Look at the clear and rainbow rims one for the exia.

Then there’s also bad rainbow rim quality like the edge beyond but that’s another thing for another topic.

Sorry just had to rant a bit since I love rainbow rims but some just don’t meet my expectations. Been spoiled by excellent rainbow rims from SF.


I received my Dale today and found a scratch, prick and some sort of blemish on the inside. The scratch and prick are right next to each other. I was unsure if this was acceptable but based on this post I’m going to email them directly. This brand has a lot of hype around it and honestly comparing it to the Thunderberry, Batsquatch, & Koi I did not find it to stand out :cry:


Sometimes things slip through QC inspections. Not uncommon and not a big deal. Contact the store/company you brought it from if you’re unhappy and I’m sure they’ll make it right.


I have to say that scratch is pretty bad!

I have always defended a-rt when they are criticized for what they charge. However, if you you are going to charge a premium, it should be expected that you’ll provide a premium product. IMO, that includes quality control. It’s a hassle for the consumer to deal with these issues, and I’ve even felt guilt over seeking resolutions for stuff like that.

I hope they take care of these issues, but really this shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

I understand that when you’re providing a boutique experience with limited runs, margins can get small, but that’s the burden that has to be assumed by the producer.

Of course many won’t care, and would rather just enjoy their yoyo without being concerned by it, but I don’t think that’s a valid point to impose on others, especially considering how much these yoyos cost. We each have our own sensitivities and motivations.

In particular, many of us like to think we can sell yoyos that we decide we don’t like so much. With a-rt, that usually means you can at least get what you paid back out of the yoyo. In these cases, you might not have such an easy time of that.

I have to say, I’m disappointed to see this…

Edit: I was typing while @YoYoExpertGarrett was posting. I guess I took it way different than he did. I agree that “blank” happens. I just don’t think it bodes well that 3 examples from the same (I assume relatively small) run are here in this one forum post.

I’m confident they will make it right, but still…


Pretty sure that’s where the ring is supported while being colored.


Dang that’s a significant scratch!




At first I thought I had something on my screen.


Is any of that silicone boogers? Mine had a few around the response area. Not a big deal as they wiped out, and the response is quite good.

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I’m with you on this one.


Youre not going to find their products stand out over the other throws you mentioned. You’re paying for the name, hype, and one drop machining.


May be but companies like yoyo friends, G2, iYoYo, C3yoyodesign, Duall and SF have no such blemish.


Yeah I would not be happy with that scratch. I’ve gotten b-grades in better condition than that. Oof.