Adonizing error on my Movitation

I recently bought a C3 Movitation MNYC edition from our local store (BillyBob’s) but realized it have anodizing error on the housing (As shown below)

I consulted the owner of the BillyBob’s and I was told that it was the last piece they have so I don’t think they will be able to make a replacement for me, not to mention, there are many others MNYC edition who have similar error so I consulted C3 directly after that.
However, they insisted me to resolve the issue with BillyBob’s…

My question is, is this the standard SOP when a yoyo manufacture received such complain?
Isn’t C3 should be held responsible for their obvious negligence in quality controlling their own product?
Is there anything else that I can do?

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I dunno, man. Anodize is an imprecise science, and I don’t see anything in that picture that I would bother to complain about.

Quality Control is also an imprecise science. Most companies can only check 1 in X number of pieces with significant attention. Even if you do believe this is a big enough problem to want a resolution, it’s an overstatement to call it “obvious negligence”. Not all errors or flaws are due to overt negligence. These things happen in manufacturing.

The retailer is the middle person between the manufacturer and the customer. When I have a problem with my TV immediately upon receipt, I do not contact Sony, I contact Best Buy. So if the question is, “is it standard practice to be redirected to the retailer,” I would say the answer is yes. It’s pretty standard.

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I do.

I have a Krown that has similar stains, it’s a B-grade bought at worlds for 60 bucks.
I’m quite surprised it was sold A-grade considering C3’s usual thoroughness.

If you sell two pieces colored aluminum and bearing a few cents there isn’t negligence, but when you at $ 90 then, what you sell is absolutely perfect.
I own three b-grade of YoYoFactory that I challenge anyone to recognize them and find out why is a b-grade… you see it just for the logo.
Here there was negligence by both the manufacturers and the dealer because you have to be totally blind not to see that flaw.
The rest “wrong those who work” but there is also a way to retrieve an error, this is what happened to me and I think in this will see the difference between serious and honest people or improvised clowns.
I wish that this matter will be resolved in the best and that you may have to do with the people of the first category

‘error’ in ‘splash’ is a bit of a contradiction. There is variance in the silver. There is also variance in the red. Are they both errors?

As you stated " there are many others MNYC edition who have similar" I think you have found the standard not the error.

Not to say this needs to be accepted by you. You, as the customer, can return it. But if replacement by a product to your standards is not possible you have to accept some other option.

Dealing with the retailer is standard. If you have trouble with any retailer the manufacturer will definitely take care of you but it isn’t the first option.

persson: $90 is your baseline retail price for expecting absolute perfection in every piece off the manufacturing line?

You do not get one-by-one detailed inspection of goods at that price point for most products. I don’t know why people seem to think yoyo is this magical retail space subject to different rules. Must be because manufacturers in this space (including C3) usually go above and beyond, and now we’re expecting that to be the baseline, and now they must go beyond above and above beyond to show exceptional care.

Also, it is very possible that as ben2 states, this is the standard. They looked and went, “yup, that’s exactly how it should be!”

I just don’t see any evidence of negligence here.

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You don’t see that there is a spot where the color is totally lacking and you see the raw aluminum?
then you’re blind and negligent as those who sold the yoyo at full price.

The MNYC13 edition is not even a mass produced colorway, there is only 30 pieces of it was ever made so I would expect a better quality control (Especially when there is so much more that have the same anodizing problem)
I wouldn’t buy it if they say they never notice it at all since mine is not the only one.
To be honest I wouldn’t be bothering me much if it’s a normal colorway but I chose the MNYC13 edition due to it’s limited quantity so it’s gonna be my display yoyo so I would’ve expect perfection in this piece.

Um, in order for any color to stick, the whole surface goes through the anodization process, then gets dyed, then sealed. So even if it’s missing color, it’s technically still anodized.

Limited run, and all have the same “problem”? I am in agreement with the others in thinking that here, you have found the standard. There are often differences between ‘expectation’ and ‘reality.’ I’m not saying it’s wrong to not like it (I wouldn’t personally buy that color way at all), I’m just saying that there are options for returns for a reason. And being a limited run, well, I’ll quote my niece…“you get what you get and don’t throw a fit.”

All if this. Specifically the last paragraph. I work for GeekSquad (the people you call when your Best Buy product needs service), and there are only a handful of manufacturers that want us to send anyone to them for service, everything else is taken care of by us (part of the retail company itself). That’s just the way modern business works.


the way the modern business works?..
the OneDrop (producer) when it produced the limited edition “blue grass fade” of Yfactor, 12 pieces all with color smear unwanted (not missing color, only unwanted) sold them all reduced price … this is the only way the bussiness “works” … so stop writing nonsense.

It’s a different scenario. It’s clear that OD did not achieve a smooth beautiful fade from blue to green. It’s instantly and immediately visible, and fades are done ONE AT A TIME, so they MUST get individual inspection. Splashes and acid washes are done in batches.

Also, OD are known for exceeding customer expectations. They are not what I would consider the “standard of practice” as a manufacturer.

More importantly, though, it’s LESS CLEAR that the darker gray flaw on that Mo is outside the bounds of what they consider to be the parameters of that colourway. It’s possible they saw this on multiple pieces and said, “yup, that looks good.” Heck, if the lighter colour is the “clear”, it would mean the darker grey is introduced intentionally. It seems likely, since you cannot lighten metal with standard anodization.

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You know this was bought at Billy Bob’s Bait and Tackle Emporium, you bring your problem here and ask for ideas and suggestions. People try to explain their point of view and you call them blind, negligent, and say they’re writing nonsense. How is that productive?

I say sell it or keep it. You’re never going to be happy so you could just chuck it.


If every yoyo has the same flaw then it is the standard. I get this argument, however then you must also come to the conclusion that this certain products standard is a flawed standard.

If only 30 were made in this color way then expecting another is unreasonable. Did you ask for your money back because you were unsatisfied with the product? I believe not, if so, I’m sure you would have got your money back from either the local shop or the manufacturer. You really should have posted this after contacting the manufacturer again and telling them once again the shop told you to deal with it directly with them. This would now be a problem with the manufacturer and the middle man in which I’m sure they would want to resolve.

If all that was said and done and they still told you to go stick it, and you weren’t satisfied with their product, then you have reached the apex of your situation and must decide a) never support this company again by buying their product (for whatever large and small single or multiple reasons) or b) Say that you will give them another shot even though this time you just didn’t get satisfaction from your experience.

OBVIOUS NEGLIGENCE!!! I see a lot of people act high and mighty with their words and what not on these forums. Lets tone down the drama a little people. Its not obvious negligence that needs REPARATION TO ALL WHO HAVE SUFFERED!!! I do agree, if I spent $90 on that yoyo and got that flaw I would probably want my money back too. But its REDUNDANT to argue wether or not one should feel that way.

OP go get a definitive answer to your solution (resolved in satisfaction or not) and then and only then will I be able to possibly feel a certain way about how they handled your situation. Until then, I presently see it as a small flaw and a little bump in customer satisfaction. Do you think people have the time to drop what their doing immediately and help everyone with a problem without protocols? Are they not human and allowed to make errors? Maybe you feel not, its your opinion.

The BST is your friend, use it.

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a manufacturer assembles and packs every yoyo and it is impossible not to notice a flaw so great about a cup! if he does not do these tasks must answer for those who plays for him.
Many manufacturers in their many years of production have never sold or sent to yoyo store to sell at full price with even the smallest defects, why?
luck? I do not believe? or maybe because they are very scrupulous in their work.
and what is the opposite of scrupulous? negligent.
but negligence is not a mortal sin … the error can happen but it must be solved, because in the face of dollars all good has come an object that is not as good.

That’s a perspective. I think it’s a bit skewed, but you’re entitled to it.

Still unanswered is if the darker gray is considered a flaw to the manufacturer. How did the darker gray get there? It’s not the raw aluminum, since it is impossible to “lighten” the yoyo with ano (blasting can give the illusion of a lighter colour, but that’s about it). The darker gray must have been introduced.

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I’ll tell you what…

I know a kid starting out who’d love this.

I’ll pay for shipping and give you his address if you don’t like it. :wink:

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I disagree bro, negligent is a strong buzz word which I felt added waaayyy too much drama to the post.

Just to be clear, the OP was not the one calling anyone blind or said they wrote nonsense. That was another “persson”, who I agree was not adding anything helpful to the thread. There are a few folks on here who have trouble maintaining courteous demeanor when making what they believe to be a point.

To the OP, if the store won’t take it back, you may be out of luck, especially if it’s an online store. Buying from YYE might be a smart move in the future. They have outstanding customer service. I’ve heard of YoYo manufacturers working directly with customers, but not consistently. If C3 won’t work with you, then again, you might be stuck with the yoyo as is.