Rethinkyoyo Tutorial Contest

For quite a while now, I’ve wanted to do something with Rethinkyoyo that anyone in the yoyo community could be a part of. Something that would not only benefit the community itself, but also the participants.

I’m very excited to announce the Rethinkyoyo Tutorial Contest. Several amazing people and companies have already contributed quite a bit to make this a truly great event. All players, no matter if you’re advanced or new to the sport, are invited to participate. Contestants will create tutorials teaching their own unique tricks, and the players who submit the top 3 tutorials will win some pretty impressive prizes.

For rules, judging criteria, prizes, and more information about the contest, visit

sweet! sounds cool!
um… I tried getting the image off drop box but I got an error and I was logged in is there something wrong I’m doing or is the image not there yet?

Thanks for letting me know, man. It seems like the download was working on my end but not anyone else’s. I transfered to a different hosting website. That should work; let me know if you still have the issue.

is it one entry per person?

can’t download the image, dropbox being dumb >:(

yeah dude, i’m having problems with dropbox too, you should switch to something else

hey kyle, it’s obvious to me that someone though of this drop box as a cheap get rich quick scheme and didn’t think it though, i highley urge you to switch to something more broadly known like flikr, or
just use a google or yahoo account. it’s better, and much easier to use

Sorry guys, there was an error updating the website with the new download link. I’m on vacation right now so it’s hard to find time to be on the computer. Everything should be in working order now, so please please let me know if there are any more issues. It works great from my end.

thanks kyle, new link works great cant wait to post my tut, i’m really pround of my trick

That’s what I’m wondering. Can I enter more than 1 trick/tut?

Since one of the reasons we’re doing the contest is to create an influx of fresh tutorials into the community, the more tutorials, the merrier. You can submit as many entries as you’d like. :slight_smile:

awesome :smiley:
now I just have to think of some fresh ideas

We’re a week into the contest now, and I made this video in response to some questions I’d been receiving.  As an added bonus, you get to hear my voice… haha

It’s funny how he says, “1 more thing”. Then he says 2 things: Have fun and Good luck.

But no dis-respect.

I can’t offer anything for a contest entry. But I’ve got a ton of video equipment and NLE software and some periods between live sound gigs. I’d love to be able to help produce some training videos. I wish I had the space to do it at my place, but I’m packed with audio and video gear. I wouldn’t mind being able to produce a DVD for yoyo training.

I watched a few of the training videos on that site. Not bad at all. I’d do it a little bit differently. Even so, the multi-angle helps, as well as the break-downs. I think that audio added afterwards in a post production type setting(think voice-over) would help a lot as you can talk your way through the slow-motion example.

I think this is another place I’ll be hitting frequently to help learn new stuff. I find that seeing stuff on one more than one place, with their take on it(usually the same thing) helps round out the whole picture and helps me progress a bit faster. Definitely a big thanks for providing the information!

lol Yeah Skeletonboy333, didn’t even think about that. haha.

Studio42, thank you sir, I’m glad you like the stuff on the site. You know, I actually feel that voice description is a bit overrated. I mean, I still enjoy tutorials where there is voice description, and they are helpful to a point (and if people want to enter the contest using voice description, by all means do so!), but I feel that text description is ideal for including all the fine details of each move. But of course, different throws for different Joe’s. :slight_smile:

i have made a few tricks i would like to enter except i dont even know how to make a tutorial lol.
like the computer stuff i dont know how to do. slow mo, adding words to the video, font sizes, effects etc.
this is a great idea tho

If you’re using a Windows computer, then you most likely have a program called Windows Movie Maker. You can import all your video into there and then, with a bit of instructions-reading and practice, do all your editing in there. Yoyo videos are simple enough that it shouldn’t take you too long to get used to the software. (Or, if you’re on an Apple computer, you most likely have a program called iMovie… same stuff as above applies.)

Or if you don’t want to fiddle with learning everything about the software, you could just record an Andre-style tutorial where you talk the viewer through the trick in a one-take kind of thing, and then learn the software enough to put the Rethinkyoyo Tutorial Contest image at the beginning.

I am using Sony Vegas Pro and am working with a lot of HD material. Those FLIP cams are cheap, work good and are great for working at 720P. Plus they are compact and hook up easy, making file swapping a snap(well, except for file sizes!). But a word of warning: Cisco lost interest in the Flip cams. Typical for Cisco, they lose interest in most things they do after 2 years in the consumer market place. Major stuff: 3 years. Core stuff: 5 years at best.

I like the Andre style tutorials. He steps you through it, but the problem is that he’s fast, and even when he slows it down, he just can’t slow it down enough in my opinion. Plus, the “one take, one shot” thing leaves a bit to be desired. I will give him credit for pulling it off, it takes some serious practice and there must be tons of bad shots. But with the lack of angles and slow-mo, I have a hard time following a lot of it, but as a beginner, literally, this is my 1 month of getting into yoyos today, I got tons to learn, so maybe it won’t be so difficult for me later when I get some real skills!

I’d like to create more of a class-room type lesson but without the formality or stuffiness. I don’t want it sterile, I want it more like a guy is showing a few friends some tricks. We’d take the Andre style approach, but then break it up with some cards and muilti-angles. Seeing the trick from the front, side and top helps. I think the slow-mo from above coupled with freezes and voice over would round it out. Since we’re mainly doing it from a top-down angle, that’s the “money shot” right there for learning, but it’s also critical to see the front angle because that’s what the judges will see, and the side angle helps one make corrections to many mechanical mistakes on tricks involving the break-away and most using front/back movements. That’s what I like about yours is the multiple angles. The cards with the break-downs could be cut down with voice over and some minor effects. Things would flow a lot better in my opinion. I do like how you start:
Walk in, throw it, walk off. It’s kinda got an attitude about it, but it’s not a bad one. It’s like “Here,I am, here it is, there it was, there I go”. In my opinion it doesn’t come off cocky, it’s just no frills. “Here’s the trick, let’s break it down”.

I’ve found watching multiple tutorials at this point is helping me. The more points of view the better.

I think what would be cool is that you take the best contest entries and use it to compile a teaching DVD or downloadable files. I’d love to make DVD’s of most of the sites I’m visiting for training(including here and the yours), get the raw files and then compile them into DVD’s. But, short of that, you might see me swing by your site and order a full set of your DVD’s soon. If anything, I also have full duplication services at my location, including on-disc printing! When I like what I see, I like to support those doing the work.

Maybe I could develop a cost-effective 3D rig and could create 3D HD yoyo training videos. Man, that “foward pass” is gonna literally come at you!

In the meantime, I’d have no issue recommending people to also check out your training vids. Again, the more videos we watch from more people trying to provide training, the better off the community is. I just hope one day to help MAKE some videos. No, not be IN them, help shoot, edit and create them. Either sell the DVD’s for cheap and/or give away the videos through my web server.

Wow Chris, you should write a book or something… you like to write a lot. lol

But yeah, I do see what you’re saying. I hope you do decide to produce some teaching vids, because you’ve got a lot of good ideas that I think would be great in practice. I completely agree with you that the more people putting out tutorials, the better… which is actually the entire mindset of this contest. Maybe you can pool your resources together, put that potential into kinetic and make an entry. :slight_smile: