2012 Rethinkyoyo Tutorial Contest

We are approaching Rethinkyoyo’s third birthday (boy, does time fly). This time last year, to celebrate, Rethinkyoyo hosted a worldwide tutorial contest. The contest was sponsored by 4 companies and received over 70 tutorial submissions from many different countries. However, one of the things that amazed me most was that the four winners were from four different countries. It was truly a global contest, and it benefited the community greatly, supplying a fresh influx of new tutorials.

This year, Rethinkyoyo is again holding a tutorial contest. Once again, you, a player, creates a tutorial and uploads it for the whole community, and you will be in the running for some very fun prizes. This year, though, with even more prize contributors than last year. I selected companies that are either small companies or newer companies to ask to be a part of this contest, and I was delighted at the response to my invitations to contribute. Nine companies have all agreed to contribute prizes to the contest. More power to them, this contest would have been impossible without them. And thanks to them, even more participants will be awarded with great prizes this year.

Create a video teaching a trick. You can use text, voice, or simple breakdown method to teach the trick, and the trick can be anything from a simple whip to a complex full-length to a flowing repeater. You then submit it according to the rules, and you will be in the running for any one of the great awards.

All info at http://www.Rethinkyoyo.com

Those are some awesome prizes I think I might have to enter :wink:

Yeah, I agree. The prizes this year are just awesome. Nearly all the companies I asked to help were super excited about the whole idea and were very generous. Please do join in. One of the main goals of this tutorial contest and Rethinkyoyo in general is to benefit the community, and every tutorial helps a great deal. Thanks Jansen.

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this is a amazing contest and a overall great idea! cant wait to make some videos =]

This is the motivation I’ve been waiting for to buy a good camera and make tons of tutorials.

Totally go for it!

What are those yoyos? They all look really awesome, I just can’t tell what some of them are.
I will be entering.

Sweet,I’d missed last years contest and figured I might as well join this one.It’ll probably be real fun.

Mouse over the picture of each and the name of the yoyo in in the alt text.

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Yes!  As Studio42 already said, “Go for it!”

For sure.  Tutorial-making is super rewarding.  Looking forward to seeing your entry(ies)!

Have to be part of this thread. Hope to check out some fresh tuts!!!

I made mine!

Where do I send my vid?

To rethinkyoyo@gmail.com

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Yeah Neptune11, what Shadowz143 said. Thanks Shadowz143, and thanks also for the entry.

August 31st, the due date for all entries, will come up very quickly, people. Start working on those tutorials!

I was trying to send my 5 min 50 sec video but it said that the video is too long!!! What do I do???

Please help!!!

Did you upload it to youtube?

It should work if you upload it to youtube then send Kyle the link.

K thanks!!! I’ll try that:)

Did it work?