Remember forever...

Remember forever, someone will always be better.
But for all who are better, there will always be worse.
And with either or neither being relevant as one, you yourself will forever be the best.

Don’t fret about your skill and how it compares.

Just throw, and be you.




So would that mean there are people in the world, who are the best? Or will there be someone better than them?

Strictly speaking, the original logic contradicts itself. :wink:

Unless we don’t buy that “there’s always somebody better”, in which case there’s no system of quantification and we can all be awesome but just “different”.

I can say for certain that Haru-Ray is a better yoyoer than me, and that my sister is a worse yoyoer than me, though… so the scale MUST exist on some level…!

Why did you bark at the end?

Plus any world champ could be 10th in the world. Not everyone competes in a sport or hobby, and not everyone can afford too. ALso people may be the Michael Jordan of something, but live in a very poor country and have no way to get money to do what they are good at or to get anywhere so people will notice them.

Haru-Ray is an anthropomorphic wolf. Just like his avatar!

That was beautiful!

Some people are better than me?
Some people are worse than me?
I’m still the best?

I think someone is confused. :stuck_out_tongue: (possibly me)

Honestly some people only yo for the competition. If they didn’t compete, concern themselves with others, yoyoing wouldn’t have any value for them or at least the same value.

I’m not one of those, but they do exist and it’s good to have them with us. It would be a shame if they quit being concerned with the competition.

Evaluating what I can do and then comparing it to others can be so inspiring, so much more to do, so much more to learn, recognizing how far I’ve progressed.

I understand your point but there is a different view that has merit as well.

Dude, that was deep.

The person who is the best at yoyoing is he who enjoys it most.

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This!! No use being ‘better than everyone’ if you never even really enjoy it.

Someone finally got it.


So true.

This provoked a rather sudden and loud laugh from me.

So he’s an Animorph? ???

This is what the Original Post should have said

Man who sleeps in glass house, often changes clothes in basement.

Following this logic,the best doctor is the one enjoys using his surgical instruments the most. I’d rather have a doctor with some real skill and talent. Wouldn’t you?

For good reason, a doctor is not a yoyoer, nor is a yoyoer a doctor.

Our souls may long for the greater understanding, as the longing of those past and future will always, yet time and time again we find our movmements are hindered, by the pushing and pulling forces of the surrounding spirits of the world. For true forward movement is not found in resulting forces, but within in the satisfaction where the true power lies. Overcoming the mortals perhaps in due time, but the focus on the others our focus must not.



Well, I compare myself to others for the sense of competition, nothing beats being able to hit a combo you thought was impossible a while ago. I get my enjoyment out of progress, I feel myself get better, and I love it!

Comparison of anything or anyone to another can never lead to truth, as truth has no comparison. If you have to look to others for inspiration where did your seed perfection go?

The one who thinks they are the one who enjoys it most is still caught by the tail! :wink:

Thought is from the center, not the dissolution of the center. The dissolution of the center, the ‘I’, the ‘Me’, is necessary, nothing else. No other person, no hobby, no sport, no toys, no fame, no wealth, just truth. When you are not there, the other is. When you are not, love is.

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