More proof of how you can be the best without having the best!

Look at Yoshi using the New Breed and Aquarious! (He probalbly would have won if he didn’t mess up that one time on offstring) (He uses the Night Moves when he does 2 yoyos!)

Yoshi ROCKS!!! Yoshi teaches kids at the sunshine kite company yoyo tricks! (He deserves some kinda award for this!)

(Goodbye guys and gals, I’ll be gone camping for a day and a half.)

I love it!

Yosshi is such a great guy :slight_smile:

So true!

As you say Samad, Fixed!

Isn’t it spelled Yosshi?

I hope you realize, I did not make up the word fixed, nor its meaning. I’m not the only person who says it.

Enjoy the post! I’m goin camping! Bye peoples! :wink:

Bye, jhave fun camping!

Hah, not to bash or whatever.
But “proof” would mean you have factual evidence of something.
And saying yoshi is good isn’t factual.


I’m just stupid, and love to make these un-informational posts.

Yoshi is great He doesn’t have to be a world champion!You don’t see Hiryoki Suzuki teaching yoyo classes and running a shop!