YoYoExpert Video Battle Contest Round 3! Videos!

First I want to start out with the list of people that didnt ever videos and are now disqualified: AKan3a, Dashiznit, ccn411, Yojimbo YoYoMan, yoyodude, yoyomaster and Pol0. This means GaryLi, eightpints, rsmod123 and YoYoDisciple automatically win! I will not show their videos if they wish to save it for the next round. If you did upload a video and I missed it, PM the link again.  >:(

So the only battle we had was Abe vs. Speedmaker1101!


No offense but Abe clearly one that one :smiley:

yeah abe completely owned

yeah… i suck lol i wish i could post a video now, i learned spirit bomb and eli hops and a buddhas revenge/mcbride rollercoaster combo lol oh well! hopefully theres another one so i can try again!

Its not that you “suck”, your video was just really short. If you did a few more tricks it would hae been a better match. BUt your still better than me :stuck_out_tongue:

Abe, you’re really good! lol you clearly won! Speedmaker, try adding more tricks lol, you had way to few tricks.


so happy… yeah samad, save mine for the next round XD

This was round 3 smarty-pants ;D

Okay, your video is already in! Great editing, btw, what program did you use?

but in the rules it said 5 tricks max…and 20 seconds long

20 seconds was for the entry level video, which I just threw out :stuck_out_tongue: It can be as long as you want as long as its 5 tricks max

ah shizz…i wish i wouldve read the directions better lol

Thanks for the compliment! :wink: haha

I used sony vegas 8.0c Pro trial, if you’re talking to me :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah I was talking to you :smiley:

Do you have to buy it?

u can download the trial VEGAS Pro: Video Editing Software for Content Creators here. But you can download the full version from torrent, which IS ILLEGAL!

I’d rather not commit a crime :wink:

Isn’t it only illegal to get the full version,lol.Also I think abe won that.

nonono the trial is free, its for 30 days and is legal.

downloading the full version from torrent is illegal.

Btw, after downloading that trial, you can download the 7.0 trial, 7.0b trial, 7.0c trial etc. lol

wow abe you rock man and nice yuuki slack

Thanks everyone!

awesom both of u

but i’d go with abe, sorry speedmaker1101

btw what’s the song for ur vid abe?
its so catchy :-*

100000% ABE.