RC Vehicle Drivers?

Are there any RC Vehicle drivers here. I drive a RC mini monster truck.

I have an OFNA Ultra LX One, a Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin and a mini that I bought at Radio Shack. Looking for something new.

I some times race my Sc10, Drift my Sprint 2 Drift, and my newest Rc 18r I will start racing soon,


i drive nitro rc cars

I have a traxxas stampede that i zip around my yard with. tough little truck, I drove it off my roof and it was ok.

Traxxas E-Maxx with a Titan 775 motor I put on. Not very fast, but the battery life is incredible.

I may end up getting a Stampede 4x4 or a Rustler VXL next.

Getting my first (good) car in 4 days :slight_smile:

Have you ever considered getting a Kershaw Designs 900 motor? I think it would be great to tow around something like a lawn seed/fertilizer dispenser(not sure what those things are called)

that would be awesome

what truck is it?

I own this truck.It is the mastadon that isn’t brushless. http://himotoracing.com/index.php?main=E18.

Duratrax Evader Brushless.

Nice. Are you gonna run LiPos in it or NiMH batteries? I have been thinking of getting one for a while.


i have a old losi and a traxxas nitro.

I have one but it is totaly toast. I have been wanting to pick up another but can’t seem to convince my self to spend as much as they cost. lol

wish i had that truck. make a video of you driving it please

some trucks are not that much money. what scale do you want. you can get a 4 wheel drive 1 18 Ready to run for about 90 dollars.

Yeah thats about where I am looking at. Just haven’t done it. 90 bucks isn’t bad but I just always have something else to spend the money on.

Spend money on yoyos so don’t have money to spend on truck?:):):):slight_smile: