First good quality rc car?

I’ve always been interested in getting into high-end rc cars, but never got around to it. So i’m wondering what would be a good first one. I will drive it in my backyard, or the street and road, maybe camping. i probably wont race for a while. I don’t really like the look of traxxases. I kindof like the nitro ones because you can drive for a long time, as opposed to an electric one where you’d have to buy alot of batteries to drive for an hour.

Actually, i kind of like the looks of the Slash. Should i go for the 2x4 or the 4x4? Or VXL? Is it worth it to start with a plain slash and add the vxl later, or to just start with the vxl?

Slash VXL is a great start. VERY durable as oppose to some other traxxas models and comes stock with a nice brushless motor. HIGHLY recommend it.

I have a Rustler VXL. It’s a great car, and a great beginner. It comes stock with a LiPo, but I recommend getting a NiMh, as it’ll be easier to control. Also, get a wheelie bar! It’ll keep the car from flipping all the time.

Ok, thanks everyone! So either a plain slash cuz i don’t have that much money, or a slash vxl.

What should i get, as in setup? chargers, batteries, tires, etc…?

I own two traxxas you will have to replace part thankfully you can replace almost every part. Also get a speed charger, go brushless mine aren’t but I will be upgrading me.

I have a dual battery charger and like 6 batteries for mine. It’s a bit overkill but I would keep on hand at least 4 batteries and extra pins to hold the plastic body cover down, cause you WILL lose those little clips.

The best body clips are the Losi ones. They are really great, and are a bit tougher than others. And I know the Slash is a very popular platform, but have you checked out other brands of SCTs? I know the Associated truck is a popular platform, as well as the new Losi XXX-SCT. Also, make sure you buy a charger that can balance LiPos, even if you don’t plan on using LiPo. If you ever get into racing, LiPo is the way to go and if you bought a nice charger that can’t balance them you’re screwed haha.

Well I kind of like the Slash because of it’s abundance of replacement parts. i KNOW i am going to break something.

Does anyone have an opinion on what batteries and chargers I shoud buy? I think I’m going to go for the 2wd one, then add a brushless motor and esc later. I think i should buy a charger that can charge both nimh and lipos. So should I just spend the extra money to buy some lipos from the beggining?
I feel like such a noob on what to choose.

Would Maxamps Life batteries be worth it? I 've heard the matinance for life’s are less than lipos. What about the charger that comes in the kit?

I use Venom batteries and a dual battery charger unsure of the brand, don’t want to get up and check.