Rc fun

Just finished upgrading my rc stadium truck from a 1500mah 7.2 volt nimh battery to a 5200 7.4 volt lipo battery. Can’t wait until it’s done charging and I can test it out. Is anyone else into rc cars/planes/helicopters?

What do you expect to be different other than battery capacity? .2 volts isn’t a big increase in power.

Lipo batteries are more efficient but I’m mostly excited about triple the run time. The old battery only lasted like ten minutes. This one should last about thirty. I know .2 volts won’t make much of a difference in speed.

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Scratch that. I just did a test run and it goes noticeably faster and also has better acceleration. It’s not way faster, but there is definitely a difference.

I would guess the improved acceleration may be due to improved current draw of the 5200 mah battery.

I drive my Traxxas E-maxx and Stampede from time to time.

Nice! I wish I had a traxxas but they were out of my price range. I ended up getting an arrma vortex.

i used to fly RC Planes when i was a teenager. I loved it. I had 2 gliders, 3 trainers, a bi-plane, and a Zaggi for aerial battles.

I’ve got an edf jet but it’s needs parts right now. It needs a new servo and fan.