R/C Cars and Trucks... Anyone?!


I have been off and on with R/C’s for about 10 years now… kicked the habit a while back but just picked up a Traxxas Slash 4x4 the other night and having too much fun!

I do miss my old nitro stuff but this Short Course truck really scoots with the brushless!
Anyone else having some Radio Control fun?!?

Here is my new Slash rollin over the Code 2! :stuck_out_tongue:


I love rc cars, but the only one I have right now is toast. I need to pick up a stock racer and join our local club soon.


The Slash is a blast if your looking for something 1/10 scale off-road, FAST and durable out of the box… and there is a ton of aftermarket support for it as well! The 1/18th scale stuff is fun too!! I am trying to get an RC18T back on the road again right now… it was fun when it worked!

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I have a Duratrax Evader Brushless and my dad has an Associated brushless B4.1. Its fun.


Nice… pic’s?!
I had a B4 for a short time… but was more into the touring cars at the
time. Kind of wish I still had it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I got an original Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin, an OFNA Ultra LX One 1/8 nitro buggy an RC18 Clone(PM me if you need spare dogbones or tires for yours)


Gonna break in my brand spankin new LRP z.28 spec3 engine tomorrow, so excited! It’s on my Ofna (nitro) Ultra LX Comp. I also have an older Duratrax MT pro (runs great) with an O.S. .12 blockhead engine and lots of upgraded aluminum parts. I never really got into electric r/c but those things can fly! They just sound lame :wink:
I’ll have to take some pics I guess.


Those Ofna’s look like fun! I do miss my nitro stuff… when I first got into “real r/c car’s” I bought a nitro 1/10 scale touring, some piece of junk Tamiya… then I found the NTC3 and was in love with nitro touring… never cared much for offroad nitro, had one for a short time and hated the dirt/oil/burnt gas mess afterwords! I wouldn’t mind another onroad nitro though… As for now, the Slash is a blast and it rips as hard if not harder than the nitros :stuck_out_tongue:
And I just need new, updated electronics for the RC18T… It’s sitting here with all the factory team junk on it but it is so glitchy!! :frowning:

Would love to see some pic’s of the Ofna Ultra’s! and that Midnight Pumpkin… Its a mid 50’s Chevy or Ford something, monster truck right?!


I have a nitro losi 8ight-t 2.0 and 8ight 2.0. I also have a lot of minis. Im currently selling a hopped up micro highroller if anyone is interested


I’ll see your Slash,

And run you over with a massive amount of torque.

This was my first RC car. I got it about 4 years ago and have driven so much that I had to replace both shock towers, the front skid plate, a few arms, both bumpers, and stripped both of it’s stock dual motors.
It’s been completely submerged multiple times, it’s rolled dozens of times, it’s been stuck in the snow, and I had it crush a gingerbread town after the bread went stale.
When I get a steady source of income, I’m going to fix this up and make it beyond amazing(dual velineons and an assortment of high quality plastic parts).


Oh and one more thing; I used to have an E-Revo VXL, but it was way to much work and just kept causing trouble, so I sold it. However, it was so much fun.


Awesome E-Maxx!! That thing would be crazy with 2xVelineon on it!!

Broke my first arm last night hitting a rock that came outta no where!! But it will be back on the road
soon! And ready to bash once again!! ;D


RC18T is the one I have. I killed the electrics in it crashing it into a deep pudle.


Hmm…any chance youd want to trade if for yoyos? I could always use another RC to fix up. throw in a Traxxas XL-2.5 and new motor and drive it all over the house


glad to see there are other rc racers :slight_smile:

i have a traxxas slash !!! and a TC for drifting (got drift tires)


That’s the reason why I chose Traxxas electric over nitro and other electric models. I live in a dry-wet place and need assurance that I won’t have to shed a tear if it gets into water.


yea traxxas is awesome for the elements … i run my slash through mud all the time!!


That was the reason I bought the Slash! And it has been a blast so far…
Still need to pick up a new front a-arm! this weekend I will be bashin again!! ;D

I have a TC3 that needs some work to get running with lots of factory team parts I believe if anyone needs anything like that?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice man, I used to build gas RC cars with my dad back in the day. That hobby didn’t last too long for me, though.


Get those cars out again and start having some fun with them!

Anyone running the ProLine FloTek bodies on they’re SC Trucks?! Might get one of those this weekend too! :wink: