Anyone drive RC cars here?

Title explains it but does anyone have a serious car.
personally, I drive an AE SC10RS.
Just wondering

I used to, its too much of a pain. I had bad ESC which ruined a battery without me knowing and I ended up killing another ESC trying to diagnose the issue. I had already dumped a ton of money in steering links, etc so I just said screw it. The hobby is a money pit.

Sorta like yoyos then, ehhhh. :wink:

I have that in my basement somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note though, I did want to get into more in-depth RC cars. If it really is a money pit though, not sure how far I could really go with it, but it does look like an interesting hobby.

If yoyos were expected to break after a few usages.

I have an Axiel SCX10 and HPI Savage XS. The Savage is beat to heck and needs a new ESC, and the SCX just needs a new ESC.

You can compete with less than $100 equipment in yoyoing. In RC racing, not so much. :smiley:

@OP Used drive nitro monster trucks. Last I had was the first Traxxas Revo so it has been 10 years. Pretty fun stuff. Preferred launching it through the air as opposed to racing just corners. You have to really enjoy tuning engines though and I just didn’t get there.

I have a redcat tornado s30. Right now it’s waiting for a new engine. Those things haul the mail. Gotta love nitro engines. They’re a bit hard to tune for running at full potential but fun to tune none the less. Lately my tornado had been neglected in place of flying drones. I have a hubsan x4 quadcopter. Quite impressive little rc.