Vintage RC cars

Anyone here into vintage rc cars


I’m not into vintage rc cars… yet, but I am getting an Arma Granite Blx in a couple weeks. My brother in so used to race Arrows back in the early 90’s. It’s incredible how fast these things can go!


I started playing with Tamiya Rc cars back in the 70’s and started racing with the team associated Rc10 when it was released in the early 80’s. I’ve been racing ever since. On road 10th scale gas and electric, off road 8th and 10th scale gas and electric. I’m pretty much just rock crawling a wraith and building a 1.9 scale truck these days. Sadly I have sold or traded everything but the crawlers over the last 10 years. I miss them sometimes but all that racing gear can start to take up some serious space.


Kyosho Ultimate 4x4 buggy in the mid 80’s. RC10GT in the early 90’s! Moved to 1/8th truggy and a bit of monster truck in the early 2000’s.
Always meant to get into the RC crawling since I knew several neat spots from rock climbing. Just never got around to it. Built a crazy Losi Mini crawler course in the basement years ago. Had water, sand, rocks (duh), rope bridges, etc. It got a little out of hand lol.

That’s cool figured no one still had them around

I think Tamiya released a ‘vintage’ series a while back. The main one I remember was the Grasshopper!

I remember seeing the original lookinng all white parts RC10 with gold anno come back too irrc?


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my current wraith


I used to dye the virgin white nylon parts with ritz dye, I’ve done a red rc10 and a blue one.

What ever happened to the XR10? Did that class not end up being popular?

Don’t know. The classes I raced were 10th scale on road nitro and electric touring cars and I drove team associated. Nitro 8th scale buggy’s and I drove Kyosho, and 10th scale electric off road 2 wheel drive rc10 t and v1, v2 and v3 trucks also from team associated.

For those that may not know… Team Losi didn’t just make RC cars. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How vintage? Losi Hydro drive? Rc10b ? Grasshopper? Hawk2?

I was an eastcoast guy and was the odd man out for racing Losi. There used to be a huge associated fanboy base here for some reason.

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That was the crawler that almost got me in the game (XR10). It was hard to choose between that, unlimited, and the scale trucks.
I raced 10th scale until the Truggy class 8th and then did some monster truck too. All nitro. By 2006’ish I moved to electric heli’s and later planes.

Got a hot sauce named ‘Da Bomb’ and my favorite peanuts too!

Grasshopper! Remember the Fox too.