Old School truck anyone?

Hello all. I have a 1970 Chevrolet Custom 10 that my dad had when he was 16. Its now been in the family for 28 years, and been sitting in the year for around 16 years. Now that I am 16, its mine. We’re working on building it back up. We should be firing up this weekend.



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Ok, so the motor as of now…


The motor we are building right now is a 70 Camaro 4 bolt main with 68 Corvette 327 double hump heads. It is bore .30 over, flat top pistons, 508 valve lift/313 duration cam,
fully rebuilt, arp rockers, edelbrock intake, black jack headers, we have a gear drive on the way. We’re putting on a 2200 stall, its got a turbo 400, ratchet shifter and 4.11 lsd. Also Putting on a Holley 600

I know this is A yoyo forum, wasnt sure if any of you guys where into any of this or not.

Thanks man!


Better get a YYE sticker on her someplace!

She looks like she is in fairly decent condition for her age. You’ve got nice rubber all around and with that engine you are dropping in she should prove to be one sweet truck! Take good care of her. Maybe dangle a vintage Duncan Imperial from the rearview mirror, make her the official ride of yo-yoers worldwide.

I’ll put a YYE on her in the morning. A have a few laying on my computer stand. And yeah, Ive been looking for an old Duncan. Havent found one yet.


This works pretty well since my voltage gage isnt working lol

You are singing my song little brother. I had a 1972 Chevy C15 long wide bed. 350 4 bolt. Dart 202 heads, Eldelbrock performer RPM intake, Holley 800 double pumper. Large comp cam. Don’t remember the stats on the cam but it was about a 630 lift. Headers. Trw 40 over pistons. Steel crank. Geared timing on mine as well. gives you that blower whine sound. Also super responsive throttle. I’m impressed with your truck. LOVE IT!!!

Forgot to mention I had a 400 turbo trans with a 3300 stall converter on mine. Had to because of the cam size. Series 40 flowmasters with 3’’ in 3" out. Had a pair of those that went back to about a foot under the cab with 55 degree turndowns. I miss how loud that truck was. Mand I miss it… :’(

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Thanks! And it sounds like you had an awesome truck man! Anyone thats owned a 67-72 chassis is family to me!

Also through on a YYE sticker this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah my truck bein a long wide bed made it a bit heavier than your truck but I still ran 11.30’s in the 1/4 mile. 123 mph. It was much faster than that though. Highway speeds were scary!


We got the motor in ;D

Wish I had that truck. :wink:

Nice job!

The OPs name reminds me of CarlG…where is he btw?

He hangs out on another sites chat.

I’m only 13 so I can’t really drive yet but me and my dad are working on restoring a 1928 ford model a so I can kinda relate to this. Btw nice truck and that engine is a beast

Only one flaw in it for me. Needs bigger tires for my taste. I like em to fill up the wheel well more. Other than that, its AMAZING!

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Thats sounds awesome man!

Also, you guys notice the yye sticker on my windshield :wink:



Well it runs :slight_smile:






We had to take the carb back, it had an internal leak. The new one should be coming in today. We did take it down the road with the bad carb, and the tranny and motor pulls good! Sorry, not many updates lately. I was on vacation on Parris island, visiting some family.