FG Tundra Drop

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Which one did you get? How was your experience? There may still be some in stock, if you act fast and stay diligent. 8)


I wish I had the extra cash I’d buy the Pink one. Had to sell my raw one, work has been so bad that I needed the money :’(

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aww bummer. The raw is the next (and last) on my radar. too bad i missed out. Hope things get better for you buddy!


Would like to have one but just cant constitute pulling the trigger on $200 for a yoyo that’s been branded for vibe. Had it been marked fools gold for the anodizing I could have lived with it. :-\


They’ll sell out, but I was afraid from the beginning that this would be a lot of peoples thought on these. A lot of players today can’t get over “vibe”.

We’re 4 hours into them going up for sale and both are still available, not sure on how many numbers though.

Again, I’d buy one in a heart beat if I could. it’s such a great yoyo.


Oh I have no problem getting over vibe…I’m just not willing to pay 200 dollars for vibe.
But if you like to pay $200 for vibe - feel free! :wink:


$ 200 for a yoyo that vibrates? … no thanks.
and then … a titanium yoyo… anodized !? unwatchable !!! (As was the Aurora)

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For what its worth, my A grade AMS Tundra has some vibe. My care is just about zero. So if these new ones are just a bit worse, so be it. Im game. I cant wait to get mine. I got both :wink:


Looks great. Im with Kilbuck, can’t spend 200 on a flawed throw…im sure theyll be awesome for sure. IF it was anno i’d be in, maybe if it was raw i would be in. But i cant spend 200 on a b grade…


So tempting… but $200 is a bit for a b-grade with a bearing seat issue that caused vibe. Wish I could give one a throw before making a decision :frowning:


I’m gonna be honest I would buy one in a second, regardless of the vibe, just because it’s so limited, and how 2 great companies made it. It’s just I don’t have a job, and can’t pay for it with my own money. And the rents won’t dish out that much money. Sucks that it’s discontinued. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why?


If i had le cash i’d buy one. I have had an Hspin GE3 and it supposedly had vibe and was marketed as “a yoyo with a flaw to love” and it played amazingly. I really miss it.


It was a limited edition collab, not necessarily discontinued, just a limited run that has sold out.


Steve said that there wouldn’t be another production run… so I was assuming that they discontinued it.

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Its been said to be a 1 time collab. but I do hope they work together in the future, even if its not the Tundra.


I believe they are talking about another project. But it won’t be the Tundra. Dust, you have a Tundra right? How is it? What does it play like? A Chief? How does the bearing sound?


I grabbed a pink one. They dropped while people are at work and at school. Its limited, its the cheapest luftverk ti ever, and if you had to resell it for some reason i dont think you would lose much if at all. Vibe only bothers me when im buying a used throw because it could potentially be a stripping issue. Ill take a fools gold anyday. Most yoyos have at least a little vibe within the first couple months of throwing unless you baby them. Alot of A grades have a a little vibe when theyre purchased new. Whats the point of buying an expensive yoyo if your gonna be scared to throw it full speed. Just get a b grade and get to slinging it

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Yes, I own one AMS, now 2 FG, and on the hunt for a Raw…

I can answer ALL of those questions, even with sound of full ceramic bearing inside the AMS version on my review found:

Its still my #1 yoyo. Feels like a puffin2 in the hand, but ive no comparison to how it performs on the string. Its just SO good (for me at least, its as close to perfect as ive found so far)


I got to throw one of the fools gold Tundras and in my opinion the vibe isn’t that bad at all. You’ll find it if you’re looking for it, but if you aren’t too picky about vibe then they’re a good deal.


This seems the case with all high end yoyo companies. The company has a reputation for quality they need to uphold, anything with detectable vibe is B grade. I’ve lived it with Spin Dynamics and Sengoku. Makes me happy the companies can recoup some cost, and I can get a yoyo at a great price.