CLYW x Luftverk

Can you say HYPE?!!! ;D

A CL titanium is too much for my little mind to handle. I neeeeed dis…

I was actually wondering when Clyw was going to get a titanium just the other day! :slight_smile:

We talked about it, with the whole slew of titanium releases coming out over the past year. And we ultimately decided that we didn’t want to do it just to have one…we needed a compelling reason and a fantastic design.

Working with Jeffrey on this, and the whole act of collaborating him, has made this an incredibly fun and rewarding project. The results are fantastic, and are currently all sitting in a cabinet in my office. Can’t wait to show you. :slight_smile:


A titanium by CLYWxLuftverk!? Here come the tears of joy… and… well, sadness because I won’t be able to afford it. :frowning:

Oh dude, this is a big deal.

I know you cant really, but put my name on one! :wink: Im throwing money at the screen as hard as i can, but its not doing anything… ???

Ive already set aside an envelope of $$ ready for the deets. Worlds maybe?? Thats kinda scares me as I fear the mob will rip the vending table apart before I get there… and then id cry.

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I know it’s a bit early but any general idea the price point on one?

Maybe so 7075 CLYW throws…im talking designed as a 7075, not another throw made in 7075. That would be sweet as well!!!

I’m just going to guess that it’ll be $300+

I think so as well, but thats really only 2 normal priced CL’s. so thats not so bad it seems… :smiley:

Yep, it’s all perspective. It’s also 2 amazing yoyo designers, with an amazing medium.

I personally wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the $400 price range. Both companies need to get paid for it, and both companies deserve it. But I also think they’re going to surprise us with the price :slight_smile:

Now just to raise some money for it ;D

Ill be in the market for one as soon as humanly possible. Working overtime as we speak. Im there dude :slight_smile:

$300-400 is about what I was guessing as well. Not sure yet if I’ll make this my first ti yoyo or one off of the Bst (that way I can see if I find it worth the dough)… Looking great though!

I think since haven’t heard anybody actually mention a final price yet; I think we should All take turns drooling over the Co-lab and saying how fantastic we know it will be; so Chris and Jeffrey can feel more comfortable just charging 6 or 7 hundred for it😜

I’ll take two…

No doubt.

Yah, I know; low grade humor😳

On a more serious note <> I think these two yoyo Madmen getting together has to result in something Amazingly fun and functional🤔

I do hope it isn’t priced too far above most player budgets.

I understand the price will be the price.

Just hoping it will be within reach of more people so less will have to dream about it and more will actually end up with one.


A big part of me is saying they’re going to shock us all on the price. Just get that feeling.

This is the most excited I’ve been for a collab. They’re going to have to decide between some amazing CLYW ano or that lovely raw titanium finish…

They can ano titanium? (I’m pretty dumb when it comes to other materials for yoyos :stuck_out_tongue: )

I cant help but wonder about pricing. Will they be numbered? How many are there if they all fit in his cabinet, are there only a handful, or does he have a really big cabinet? :wink:
I wonder what its name will be, and its art.
I wonder about its specs.

I . . . . NEEED . . . . this. My first Ti would be an honor to have CL AND LF holy cow… There is simply no alternative for me.

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Thanks doc!

Im still incredibly stoked about this. I wonder why they are waiting if hes got em all in his cabinet. Worlds?