CLYW x Luftverk

He is just going to keep them in his cabinet… FOREVER!!! (Insert evil laughter)


But but… I need one. Just one. Please k thanks?

We are foaming at the bit for more info. So excited!!

I want to see one at worlds!!! (Prob way out of my price range tho)


Its name is Tundra

Anyone else notice the TiWalker step?

To me it looks a lot like the Yeti profile. Edit: TiWalker is also similar though, I’m not as familiar with that and didn’t realize they had a similar looking profile.

Regardless, looks comfy, and I’m sure it will be pretty awesome considering the two companies involved. I really hope they aren’t too limited so that I can keep my pattern of having one of every Luftverk design going, but I have a feeling that there are so many CLYW fans that this release might sell out quicker than any other Luftverk throw.

Perhaps . . . (wishful thinking) that maybe somehow there wont be a massive tidal wave of CL fans to bombard the stock before we get a chance… I hope that many do NOT hear about this, just to up my chances of getting one.

For real, if there is ONE yoyo for me to get in the next 6 months, Tundra is it. Been looking for my first Ti but didint want to stray from CLY’s… The fight is ON 8)

I’m broke. Unless they announce that they’re going to be a ridiculously low price, I’m going to have to try to get one on the BST’s at some point down the road. To me looks like a Ti Chief, which would be really rad.

The cup tells the story, which Ive not seen yet. well see!

Looks like it likely will drop at Worlds. This is both exciting and yet incredibly terrifying…

So, apart from Dust, anybody else around here grab a Tundra at world’s? And who else got lucky and snagged one online?

I can’t wait for mine. This has to be the most anticipation for a throw that I’ve had.

I was able to get a raw online. Looking forward to it.

I missed them at the contest and my cell phone internet was a guaranteed fail online… tut tut

30 second sell out time online, and The ones on the table were gone before Jeff could even arrive!

I can say that the ONLY reason I got one was because of the kindness and awesomeness of our very own YoYoBro! without him playing the hero, i would be at a serious loss. Im so sorry to those who missed it, and very excited for those who did to get to play with them!

Hopefully you guys hate yours so you’ll sell it to me ;D

I can see the Tundra (if they don’t make any more) gaining cult status in the YoYo world, with roughly 60 A grades and such a high demand. I don’t think it’ll be one that’ll resell for less than retail.

I’m really looking forward to getting mine in, all the photos and specs tell me it’s going to be a main player for me for years to come ;D

I dropped mine on the conctete tring to film it the other day, got a few pin pricks that broke the ano. THe “hard coat” isnt so hard it seems. LOL oh well! im not sad about hurting it, im sad about being dumb enough to drop it .

Yep, I can totally see it gaining cult status. It’s a shame so many had to be scrapped, because it looks like an outstanding design. I already know that it’ll take some seriously hard financial times for me to even consider selling it, regardless of what they end up fetching on the secondhand market down the road. Based on the design and seeing as it’s the first CLYW titanium, I’m guessing a lot of the people who bought them are probably thinking the same.

Well yeah. Id like to get a second mint one to keep away nice and pristine but since i cant stop throwing mine, i know others are gonna have the same problem ahah