Did someone say something about titanium?


Ooh, ahh. Looking forward to what you’ll do with it :wink:

take my money!!! take all of it!!!

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What colorways will they be and are they done yet? ;D

AGGHHHHHH WHYYYYYY. I want a Yeti, OD Bi-metal and NOW NEW TITANIUM, YYF titanium, AC2, Puffin 2, YYF Bi-metal CZM8, And I don’t have the money to buy them WHYYYYYYY

While all this talk of titanium is getting me excited, my wallet and bank account are quivering in fear…

David, can I please ask a massive favour? I know it’s a bit bold, but once you’ve finished taking all of alecto’s money, any chance you could drain my bank account as well? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I got your back man :slight_smile:

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gambit i fear both of us may be living in cardboard boxes within the end of the year…


What is the possibility of seeing a mid-range $40 to $80 Titanium that I can afford? :smiley:

titanium is very expensive i doubt you will ever see a 40 to 80 dollars titanium yoyo…

About time… Can’t wait!

Yah, I guess you’re probably right. That does seem like the consensus on the Topic of Budget Titaniums. :\

That’s a lot of titanium you’ve got there! Wow, looking forward to this. I’ve never owned a titanium yoyo, this may change things :slight_smile:

We can burn our socks for warmth my brother.



if we must live in boxes… then live in boxes we must!

if you come down to america before that yoyo releases and loose all your money then we can share boxes… or vice versa… it may give us more money to spend…

Is this the collaboration with General-Yo?!! PLEASE.

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^ No please, otherwise I’ll have to buy this AND the Prophecy.

If this is a titanium General-yo collab that happens to be bi-metal, I will literally scream as loud as I can, fall to the ground, and cry tears of joy.

Why you make me do dis to myself! Stop giving me dis eye candy that I can’t have yet! Gawd.