Did someone say something about titanium?

About the same week New Porsche 911’s start selling for $1700

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What’s up with all of the Titanium talk around here?!? I was just getting excited about all the bi metals that have come out in the last few months and now I’m like “BIMETALS? SCREW BIMETALS! I’m going to buy me a shiny new titanium yoyo!”

I will be eagerly awaiting that day lol

Well, new bimetals are always still going to be exciting, but the market hasn’t exactly been dried up like the titanium market has been the last couple years. So, understandably, everybody is pretty excited that not one, but two new titaniums have been announced for 2015, and by two of the most prolific companies to boot.

ooooh shiny…I cant afford it…its sad…I’ll have to kidnap Paul Dang and hold him for ransom money so I can buy it

gambit we may be saved… if we help erik kidnap paul then we dont have to live in boxes for the rest of our life!!

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I know right! So heres the plan. We sneack in real quite like and we whack him on the head with one of those big shiny poles and then we RUN FOR IT. You got it? don’t forget the stuff…oh wait is this forum public?


where are we meeting to do this?
i say we should go to Jupiter…it sounds pretty ideal :smiley:

Yes we can use the radiation from the planets core develop some nerve gas

I’m not sure if I’m comfortable reading this. :’(

Paul you better start running…

So the new YYF Ti is going to retail 300. OD tends to be more expensive than YYF, being made in USA and all. So is there a high possibility that the new OD made out of titanium will be significantly higher in price due to the fact that the YYF Ti’s are going to be made in China?

Yup looks like it will be spendy. Would you like to join in our evil plot?

Mighty Optomistic of you to think Paul would ransom out for 2 Dead Presidents.

Better off kidnapping Steve Brown. At least you could trade him for about a dozen Dazzlers and some counterweights.

If you kidnap Paul, you may have to also kidnap a midget to make up the difference.

Free good advice, no doubt.

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Good point bevcuase Steve Brown is from One Drops orogin country of Japan

ive got it… we will take you!!!

Do it on camera, I want to see this.

Oh yeah, and Gambit and alecto, you guys are nearly making me wet my pants with OD taking all your money.

While it is tough to compete with China when you make a specialty good in the USA, I think in this case we can probably pull it off and make it competitive on pricing. No guarantees, but that is our goal. We’ll see.


This is why One Drop is awesome.

uhhh…I thought they originated in Eugene, Oregon… ??? ??? ??? ??? ???