Lets talk about sparking a Ti

I just learned that trick with a Tundra!

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Can I be honest? This is the stupidest thing I see to do by those who own yoyo titanium.

P.S. however, from what I see, at least that Tundra is a serious b-grade!— at limit the wobbling … they had to sell it at half the list price, not 2/3 !!!

You would be most incorrect in that assumption. That b-grade has the smallest bit of vibe that can barely be felt on the nail. And its cost was more than reasonable. You can try to justify it how you want, but Ive been hands on with them since day one. 200 was a steal for them.

As for the yoyo…

It was pristine then it hit my belt buckle and scuffed the ano pretty bad. I had 2 others ( mint FG smooth as any A grade tucked away in a box and AMS Tundra).
It was extremely liberating and once I did it it became an EDC that im not afraid to use anywhere. Its still smooth on my skin and plays like day one. So you may think that this (and many other things are stupid), but I found it bestowed a freedom and peace of mine I only knew with my magic yoyo that i didnt care about at all. Now I see how LITTLE sparking a Ti damages it, its nothing at all. The only pain is psychological and grimace at the damage that is laughably small. any ding is worse than sparking.

Also there is nothing even close to wobble. That what you saw was caused from a weak throw and the meeting with the concrete (was like the second time I sparked it, and was getting a feel for it). If you want ill make a short video showing the smoothness after 20 or so sparkings. That should change your mind about a bad vibe that isnt.

You should try sparking one sometime. You go from “no i cant hurt this baby” to " ALIGHT! lets take this bad boy camping/floating/hiking/biking/over rocks/ etc. It doesnt matter after you take it perfections away. It goes from being a porcelain doll to a hot wheels.

Sorry not sorry.

I REGRET NOTHING! hahahahahaaaa

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and who told you to regret anything?
I saw your video and I expressed my opinion, that opinion inquiries concerning all the people I saw doing what you do in the video … that’s my opinion, and I think I’m free to express it.
As for the vibe, I said what I’ve seen, if you tell me that depended of throw, ok, I agree … what the selling price of the yoyo I rest of my idea because virtually all manufacturers … (including CLYW) sell b-grade at about half the list price.

I think more people should spark their ti yoyos.


That last line is a quote from a move i say often, but forgot what movie its from. Mostly a joke. and pricing will always be subjective to the observer. If its half the quality or has half the performance, i could see 1/2 price. But most of the time the flaws are so tiny, so minuscule that we cant even find why they were maked B to begin with of the vibe is so small its useless to even consider. These should be slightly discounted but not slashed in half.
Just my thoughts. And of course your free to express you opinion from something youve seen. Thats a give buddy! Thtas what makes conversations continue. :slight_smile:

Easily the best thing ive done in my yoyo “career” was to spark my Ti.

Honesly I would do the same if I had a Ti, regardless of rarity.

My AntiYo BSP is heavily sparked, and it’s still pretty smooth. It’s certainly a take anywhere and let anyone throw type of yoyo.

Mine too! Take it with me everyday, everywhere. Can’t really hurt it.

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That being said, (and im glad others feel the same with their Ti), I would never do that to my Peak. :wink:

to my ti-yoyos not gonna happen … I guarantee it.

No thanks! I would never do that to an anodized Ti. Heck I tried it just the tiniest bit with my Ricochet, and still regret the rough spots it now has. I was surprised. I thought it was supposed to be tougher!? I never even saw a spark!

I’ll play and not overly baby my yoyos, but I definitely won’t be doing that to my new Rook, even if it does get dinged. I wouldn’t have attempted sparking the Ricochet, if I hadn’t received it “pre-sparked”.

That said, to each his own.


After 20 or so sparkings and less than 2 minutes with with a soft sanding ribbon it’s smooth to the skin at full spin and is still beautiful. It looks like it’s bi-metal now.

I split this topic from the “Lets talk about the Peak” thread. Please try to keep conversation somewhat relevant to the topic title. :slight_smile:


This was a very effective way to re-rail. Thanks!

I’ve seen some pretty beaten up Peaks before :smiley:

As for Ti’s, when I get one I’ll probably get a pre-sparked one off the bat for cheap(or at least cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I won’t have problems sparking it

I know I’m breaking the “stay on topic rule”, but that anodizing looks awesome!

I do think if I was to spark a Ti, it would be under similar circumstances to what you described. It does look pretty nice as well, once you polished the rims. Did you happen to take a pic after sparking, before polishing?

Here was before any sanding

You can see the scuffs (purple side) caused by my belt that was “first blood” so to speak that made go almsot immediately “Well, I know what I need to do now!” walked straight outside and sparked my first Ti.



What’s the belt buckle made of?