Sparking Titanium

I recently bought a Citizen and I am thinking about sparking it. How much damage does it cause? Will it create vibe or make sharp dings on the edges? Pics would be appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, lets not spark yours, but have someone else spark theirs and then post pics of it. Lol very wise

I meant pics of their previously sparked yoyos. Please don’t spark your yoyos just for me!

:o :o NOOOOOO :o :o don’t do it. Unless you don’t care about the resale value going down like $100

Why would I ever want to sell my Citizen?

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Most of the damage can be polished out. Titanium is extremely durable. I would go for it if I were you. Please keep I pin mind that I am not responsible for any permanent damage. I am speaking from my experiences.

What is “sparking”?

Don’t judge me…

DO IT!!!

Sparking is when you basically walk the dog on concrete with a Titanium yoyo and, because of certain properties of Titanium, it send small sparks out from under the yoyo.

I have a friend who sparks his BSP about 3-5 times a day, and that thing is completely wrecked. I haven’t seen any other people who spark ti stuff, so not sure.

It’s pretty awesome.

If you aren’t worried about selling your Citizen in the future spark away. It should only scratch it.

DO IT !! just make sure you post a video

You can look up videos on youtube. It’s not nearly as cool looking as you’re probably picturing. You can make far better sparks just by flicking a lighter.

IMO, abusing a rare collector’s item to produce a few underwhelming sparks is akin to hiring a brain surgeon to clean toilets, but it’s your toy.


Just do whatever you find the most enjoyment with out of your toy. You aren’t abusing it if you’re having fun.

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If I were you, I wouldn’t do it. It’s a beautiful and highly valued yoyo, so it would be pretty unwise to do serious damage to it through sparking. Its play might be perpetually impaired, just for a few sparks. Just my opinion, of course.

ahhh. Gotcha. Thanks for the schooling.

As for sparking, I personally wouldn’t but if you’re gonna do it, film it, very well. Good low, wide angle with you in the backround with slow mo. Make it worth it.

Well, sparking really depends on the person.

I equate it to buying a nice car and never driving it. Some people buy a Ferrari, leave it tucked away in their climate controlled garage, wax it with a diaper, and whisper “my precious”…

Other people buy a Ferrari and drive the heck out of it, because that’s what it was made for. Sure, you take the chance of something going wrong, but it’s being enjoyed.

Do you really want to polish your CiTizen with a diaper?

this is a flawed metaphor, not driving the Ferrari is like buying the CiTizen and putting it on a shelf never to be played with, while sparking the CiTizen is like crashing the Ferrari on purpose just to watch the crash.


I bought a sparked Ricochet off BST for about 60% of list price. The yoyo plays well, but the edges of the rims are rough due to the sparking. I’ve sanded them down with 1000 grit sand paper to smooth them.

Sparking will cosmetically damage your Citizen, it probably won’t affect play. All that said, I also own a Titanium Dream and will not consider sparking that yoyo.

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Don’t do it. The citizen is pretty much irreplaceable. The price of a few Sparks is too high.