Whats the extent of damage done if you spark a titanium throw if any?

Youll know if a yoyo has been sparked.

I think he was asking so he knows before he goes and buys and/or sparks his own titanium.

I’m pretty sure you’d just get some small pinpricks.

Exactly. The damage sparking causes is obvious, but not significant or deep in anyway. Only cosmetic.

So it doesn’t affect the play?

Not really. If you really let it slam onto some extra rough surface, it could make a slight burr that you can feel with your fingers and will be rough. But typically it’s just cosmetic scratching that doesn’t affect play at all, and burrs can be fixed with some sandpaper. At most it will typically feel slightly less smooth than a fine finish that it came with. In my opinion, raw titanium is better for sparking because you can make it look basically like new* again if you want, but it still won’t affect play much at all really unless you’re constantly sparking it.

That is awesome!

Personally, I’d rather spend $0.99 on a pack of sparklers than damage a $200+ yoyo.

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I’ve never heard anyone use burr as a means to specify damage before ;D

But yea you can’t really ding a titanium unless you like smash it on concrete.

What is sparking?

Go to 1:26 to see sparking