Will sparking a TI affect it's play?


I know it’ll scuff it up, but will vibe or anything else happen?

(rizkiyoist) #2

Actually with 6061 aluminum, dings don’t really affect vibe in most cases unless when you dropped the yoyo diagonally and got the bearing seat crushed and deformed. It happened twice on magicyoyo N12 my friend’s and mine, I think it’s because of bad machining the bearing seat actually had thin layer of “shim” that bent easily, sanding this part off fixed the problem on me.
Back to topic, TI is a lot stronger than 6061 so I don’t think so…


unlikely… unless you just really, really abuse the heck out of it.



Not at all, I was sparking a Ricochet all over the place and it was still dead smooth.


I think it would have to be sparked relentlessly to do something noticeable other than cosmetic.


Agreed that most likely nothing more than cosmetic change will happen.

My advice? Buy a box of sparklers. If you ever have any thoughts of reselling the TI yoyo the damage will greatly decrease the value in almost all cases.

A box of sparklers will cost you a buck. The damage during resale could likely cost one hundred times that. Or more.

And the sparklers will be… well… … have more sparks. :slight_smile:

(rizkiyoist) #7

Here is how to get nice sparks cheap.
Find some flint stones/ferrocerium (used in disposable gas lighter), find a cheap yoyo you don’t mind breaking, drill a few holes on the rim and press snug the flints in there. You know what’s next.
We used to have these in our wooden yoyo back in my childhood, we don’t need no expensive titanium stuff… ahh memories.