Random Pictures of dusty yo-yos

If you don’t mind, I am going to attempt to remember to post a picture here every several days of random interesting yo-yos from my collection that have been collecting dust. If you got them, feel free to post interesting pictures of your recently dusted yo-yos.

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So here are three Duncan Wheels that I just dusted. One is stock, the other two may be slightly modified. I suspect they have bearings and such.


One more to get this thread spinning in the right direction. Leather pogs!

I had posted this in a thread “basement find”. Seems like a good spot for it.


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You guys! Very nice!

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Tarkin? Tarkin!

The OG Tarkin?!

Take a pic of yourself homie!

You should pretty much be covered with dust by now, hahahahaha…

Nice to hear from you.

Cool pics by the way…


I was gonna say… are you THE Tarkin? Like from yoyoing.com/news Tarkin?
Regardless those are some rad Wheels. Zygo???

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Tarkin do you live in Stillwater OK?
I noticed the eskimo joes cup! Let me know if so. I live there as well!

I suspect I may have once been this OG Tarkin of which you speak. I seem to have all his yo-yos. I will be visiting outside space tomorrow (today). I will get location pictures with the some of the stuff I just received form Yo-yo Expert today.

Fairly certain the modded Duncan Wheels are Zygo’s. Bought the AL Wheel at MAR in the early 2000s directly from its maker. I am not too sure when I got the all white Wheel, but I could have bought it at the same time.

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I will always be from Oklahoma (I-35 Exit 222/About 1hr from Stillwater), but I live in Pennsylvania.

Oh boy, an old folk’s thread! These are pretty dusty, and the wheel is one of the magic wheels from
How to be a Player! Yay!

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the aluminum wheel is definitely Zygo… I’ve been trying to track down an unmodified one forever.

Great to see old faces (names?) around.

Also, just a random thought since there are a lot of old names in this thread… if anybody has an OG spinfaktor with the red engraving (first run only I believe) I’ll basically kill for it.


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Whom exactly, I’m always looking for a contract hit.

This is probably not secure, but here we go anyway.


Maybe not dusty enough? :confused:


I got 2 of those spinfaktor 1st run in my collection, check out my daughters youtube ann Connolly yoyocollection starting about the 4 minute mark.Tom

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I really enjoyed that video! I wish you’d tell us about your big tops. Maybe in the Top board…

…but watch the whole thing!

yea Tom I spotted them when I saw that video, that’s actually what reminded me of it again. I think about it every year or so and try to track one down. I don’t suppose you want to part with one?


I got good news and bad news, the bad news is like Ann said we don’t trade or sell, the good news
we have given away yo-yo’s in the past. You may want to track me down at the next worlds.Tom

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I’m very much looking forward to Iceland :slight_smile: I don’t think I saw you this year, though I basically lived in the maker space most of the time. (it was like the mod room in Orlando again, but with more responsibility and an actual schedule… and a horrible hotel staff)

Really great to see so many old names in this thread.