Random Pictures of dusty yo-yos

Tom, I did not not realize Ann Connolly was your daughter. Wow, that is awesome. I have been gone too long.

Everyone thanks for posting pictures of your older yo-yos, dusty or not. Here are some of my BC and Tom Kuhn yo-yos. It’s great to recognize some of the old names and characters popping up in this thread.

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BTW, I think we need more pictures taken from bellow yo-yo tricks. The photoshoped composite photo won me an AL Parana yo-yo from Europe in a photo contest back in the day.

this low angle photo isn’t real old but Chris is fairly dusty.

Paducah Penny.

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Inventor of the apparatus!!!

Some dusty, some not cause I still like throwing the oldies


Someone asked for a recent picture… next to a soccer field surrounded by corn fields somewhere in central PA. Throwing a AL Dream into some name unknown to me trick that I was taught at MAR in in the early 2000’s.


The packaging was a little dusty but the yoyos are dust free.


Duncan Freehands on uncut sheet of pogs. Yo-Yo Ninja Boy!


Awesome thread idea! Some OG Steve Brown…

and my all time favorite slimline…


Those gt’s are so cool. Had no idea they did like a freehand edition. That’s sick.

I miss scarecrow Sometimes. Sigh.


Check out that center hub! For sure would make it a B-Grade today. Nah, just anodize it…

I think the story is that Tom did this as a gibe at Henry’s, because of the patent they have (expired?) for rubber shells on a yoyo. I’m sure those patent #s, so prominent on the face, are part of the ribbing!

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Subbed for the Pics.

Man, you guys are old! :smiley:


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What! ;D

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Get off my lawn.

Yeah. I never got one of those. Those weren’t “OG Steve Brown” they were “OG Tom Van Dan Elzen trolling me” ha ha ha

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I know the story haha, that’s what the “…” was for, seems there were a bunch of those moments back in the day. They are definitely my favorite Proyo pogs ever, such cool art. Where’s Scarecrow at?!?

Here’s another dusty old throw: