very interesting...

Guess who went garage sailing again today! ;D
okay, so i got 2 yoyos today (each for a quarter), one is a ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee. The other one is why im here.

It came in a tin, it’s a red modified shape with a small gap. There are no markings anywhere on the tin or yoyo except “Made in china” and “Pat. P.” around the rim of both sides. It also appears to have a clutch mechanism.

anyone know anything about it?

might be a brain or something

Yeah, I think it’s a Yomega Brain.

I think “Pat. P.” stands for “Patent Pending”, probably referring to the clutch mechanism.

oh, there’s one thing that i forgot to mention.
On the center, right my the axle there is a bump that prevents sleeping. It wont push in like a button.
I was thinking maybe a disabler for the clutch???