do u know this yo

wich yoyo is this and the brand will help

I have an idea what it is. I think it looks like an Ooch Yo from Yomega, but thats just my guess.

More pics plz.

There are some markings on the rims that might help up find out, also if you maybe put it together and propped it up might help.

it has O-rings but i don’t think its a yyj…but it’s a possiblity.

Is that a Hany 2?


too blurry to see anything

on ur camera there should be a setting that looks like a flower. set it on that to get good close ups

That thing on the rim is 2 Chinese-ish dragons facing a semi circle with 2 Chinese characters in it. At least I think their Chinese.

ya its chinese or japenise

Not the ooch-yo i can tell you that (owned one)

Nah, it’s probably an Auldey or in the same vein.

Could be one of those asian knock off yoyos…

I am 97% sure that it’s the REDIYO.
Made in china, by WSYYM or WYYSM design, sorry, i don’t really remember the company.
It’s out arround 2008-2009.
I never try one.
Where do you got one?

Hope this help.

Wonderful Yoyo World?
Can’t follow up. site is either down or firewalled.

I would try asking on Chinese forums…

It’s not a REDIO, shape is different.

So it comes with a KK?

Where’d you get it O.o

It’s not?
Sorry about that then.
I almost certain because that profile and the antenna like hub, and the o-ring response.
Are you sure?
Sorry if i made a mistake.

ebay in a large set

Can you post a link to the eBay page? O.o

Look at it. It either is or it isn’t.
They look completely different to me.
Doesn’t have the raised rim thing.

that looks close ill look into radio yoyos