Anyone recognize this yo?

Bought it at the local Chinese restaurant last night. For $3.00 it’s incredible. It’s narrow and tall, lights up, wide bearing but good response, and stays down almost as long as my DM2. And so far it works for all my tricks. I was even entertaining the owner and her daughter at the restaurant…lol

Generic Chinese yoyo. That’s about it.

I got one of these too (Free out of no where.) I loved it, it was fun and had a bearing.

This thing continues to impress. I’m hitting tricks with it with more consistency than the DM2. I unscrewed it to remove a knot and it has brakes that are plastic rings with teeth on them. I’m not an expert on yoyo design but I’ve never seen that before.

My wife said there was another one at the Chinese restaurant. I think I might go scoop it up.

A starburst response?

Some sort of Auldey yoyo?

Actually, there was a company back when I was yoyoing at the age of 7 that was called Super Yoyo, maybe it was from back then, or it could simply be a generic Chinese name.

I looked up Starburst reponse. It’s not that. This is actually two plastic gears but the teeth point inward. They face each other on either side of the bearing. I’ll post a pic if I can think of it later.

I searched around a bit and I think it’s made by Homkey toys. Looks like they make quite a few yoyo’s. The picture that linked me to it is a yoyo that looks a lot like mine, aside from the light mechanism.

I believe it’s an audley. Correct me if I am wrong, but many audley yoyos have super yoyo written on them.(well, at least the plastics)

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I think “Super Yoyo” is just a generic term.

Well, when I looked up Super yoyo in google images, most of the yoyos that come up are audleys, and say super yoyo on them. But hey, just a guess.

Here’s a pic of the brakes.
I guess maybe it COULD be some kind if starburst?