Have you Guys seen this Yoyo?

I found this on ebay. I’ve never seen it before:

Not all of them. And some of YYF yoyos are chinese. If it’s like under 50 I would try to get it.

You are dead wrong there. I’ve used quite a few chinese yoyos that are both smooth, good quality, and grind better than my old peak. Just because it’s chinese doesn’t subtract the fact that they are well worth what you pay for, which is a lot less than normal. I bough a chinese yoyo off ebay. That is in my top three yoyos. It’s nearly smooth, it came with a 10ball kk, it grinds better than my old peak did, and I love the thing. It’s up with my 54, 5 star, TFL, and bully.


You’re one of those people who obsess over YoyoFactory aren’t you?

wait which one?

what yoyo are you alking about? When I say Chinese yoyo, I mean like $1 plastics. and Audley yoyos. How is auldey better than your peak?

Well that’s the reason. You don’t like it, and you get what you pay for. Somebody will still like them somewhere. And who knows, that $1 yoyo from china may get somebody into yoyoing.

And Audley is not the only chinese company… There are tons. The one I got is from a company called yoyo-ufo. I never said it was better than the Peak, how ever it does grind better. It was perfectly on par to it, even though the chinese yoyo was only $30.I do have an audley (an L3 to be exact) and it plays much better than one would assume. It outplays my hectic hands down. Don’t assume that all yoyos from china are audley. As I said, there’s lots, and some of them have great yoyos for really cheap. Don’t say ALL CHINESE YOYOS ARE BAD until you’ve tried at least 5 companies other

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yes because you know so much more about yoyos than a chinese company who makes them. Idk if you’ve noticed, but yoyoing is pretty popular in asia, I would think the chinese could make something better than $1 plastic.

woah hehyeyheyhey, you trying to argue or just give advice? idcidcidc so just stop. i and preinfalk justs toped arguing and i don’t want to start another one.

idc if you werent

Simply because it is made in China does not make it bad. There are many Chinese companies that uphold quality to that of many American and European Companies. Don’t be so quick to judge.

what the heck is the problem with you people? 1 quote is all that is to make 3 arguements in this thread!! next time, if someone get’s something wrong, don’t kill them to the ground with temper, even if you dont have one. idc about your rejecments but i’ve just gotta post this. i don’t know why, but 3 poeple on this thread is arguing to me on the fact chinese yoyo’s are good or bad. idc, it’s not me so just deal with it. I’m a friendly guy but I don’t know why that I just miscorrection quoted that post can cause a whole bunch of consternation in this thread. I really don’t want to argue.

Ok folks, let’s move along now. Nothing to see here…