YoYofamily Zeus review


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You are Totally right! Awesome review! It has to be the Best 13 bucks any Human can spend!

Now that you have Splashed this Totally good news ’ on Andres’ Board, it would be a straight up act of Criminal Insanity and Financial Lunacy for ANYBODY to Waste another Penny buying Anything from YYE!

There must be at least several other Countries, that make/sell at least a few yoyos that are dirt cheap and pretty sweeeeet players?

I think we should find out who sells yoyo junk all over the planet and help YYE celebrate their 5th Anniversary by buying our yoyos somewhere else.

…hey, I think Andre should add another column on this Board… Ya, that would Rock!

It could be called ‘Review2’. It would be only reviews of All yoyos that have to be purchased elsewhere, cuz they are not available from YYE.








face hot waffle iron

I died a little on the inside…

Hmm. I see 4 other reviews here on the first page of this section reviewing throws not available on YYE. What about this one drew your ire?

I noticed every response back up to the one directly after mine, made No reference to mine. Each person up to your response, quoted the person who posted directly after me. So… It seems that the actual pertinent question here should be,’ I’ve seen several other posts in this thread, that had not problem with my low grade humorous take on the OPs’ directing sales to China to save money. What about my particular response, drew your Ire’?


I have 3 Yoyofamily. The Myth, the Zeus and the Heroe(sic). They aren’t junk. I know the OP missed the sarcasm in your post and got quoted several times. That still doesn’t address my issue. Why does this review draw a comment from you when you have no complaints about reviews on other yoyos not sold here?

No problem about the multiple threads directing sales to Japan?

You are making something out of nothing.

Sadly, you have ‘the issue’ and you have a problem to go with it. I have no actual problem with people Using Andres’ Board to direct Yoyo sales all over the Planet Earth. I figure if he wants to let people use his Forum as a Bulletin Board, then it must be ok, right?

I just found the OPs’ post to be amusing in its’ content and enthusiasm. I do not doubt his review.

Think of it this way> say, Andre owns a Hamburger place. And right across the street, there is another Place making Hamburgers. And Andre is right there at the counter, looking at all the people sitting around, eating his Most Excellent burgers. Then right in the middle of the restaurant, a guy just blurts out,’ If you think these Hamburgers are good, that place right across the street makes Most excellent Hamburgers. And they only cost 1/4th the price! You just have to willing to walk across the street and not spend your money here. <if you don’t understand ‘Business’ then I cannot offer you any additional perspective most likely.

… If you really enjoy and appreciate Andres’ Forum, out of respect for him, at least try to refrain from encouraging people to not do Business with him. ‘Do not sit in his Restaurant and talk about how good the food is across the street’.


Well, I don’t see you in the Sturm Panzer reviews saying “These aren’t sold here.” I would think Andre would be more interested in people who spend $180 on a yoyo than ones who spend $13.

So he should spend his time checking out every review and cross-referencing it with andres store to see if it’s sold here?

I disagree as well with yoyodoc’s post, though what the OP said hurt my eyes.

I’m no professional, but I know what isn’t available in the US stores.

Yes, yes, I too disagree with yoyodocs’ post. And I am yoyodoc, lol.

But I thought the OPs’ post was funny and I had ‘fun with it’.

I Never gave any serious consideration as to whether anybody would agree with or even care.

FTR, I do not scour the Forum for every single post that suggest any and all places yoyos can be purchased besides ‘here’.

I am not a Moderator. Nor am I leading a Crusade to stop All purchases that don’t put a penny in Andres’ pocket. If you even remotely understood my Hamburger story, then you would not have tried to stretch this thread out.

I just happened to land on this thread and add to it.

You are totally encouraged to not agree or like what I say.

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Your point was clear, and valid.

Yes, this is Andre’s board, but it is a yoyo board, where any throws should be freely discussed, recommended (or not), etc…

However, if someone’s only mission is to come on and promote their own throws (the OP only had 2 posts - that, combined with the wording of the OP made me somewhat suspicious), that’s a different story, entirely.

Wow, I didn’t get that vibe from the OP at all. I thought it was just a young guy who had got a cheap yoyo he liked.

(I may have gushed about a cheap throw on my second post ;).)

Well, maybe I’m mis-remembering.

Last time a read the OP’s post was days ago, and when I came back to this topic here, it was gone. Maybe I was mingling what I remembered with general spam-type complaints I see on a couple of other boards I frequent.