I have had just about enough

That is it. I am sick and tired of these poor noobies having to sit and contemplate the playability of a triple digit toy for hours on end. WE NEED REVIEWS PEOPLE! Yes, I am internet yelling, but for good reason. I have posted on multiple occasions (sorry mods/admins) on the child boards looking for help and recommendation. I have 100% zero understanding of specific throws I THINK I want, but have no idea how they play. If I am going to spend $130 on a frieking yoyo, I want my moneys worth. I can’t find a person on this forum who does not agree with me. We NEED people to do more reviews!
I only get to buy a $100+ toy during Christmas/Birthdays/Mowing Lawns, it is a treat! Perhaps you have caught me red handed. Caught in the crime of ranting, but I need answers. The specific YoYo I really wanted to get was the Spyy El Ranchero, and after contacting Spyy (no reply) and using the forum (nobody own one), I believe they have lost a customer. I know I am an insignificant populant to their purchasers, but dang man. I am an avid believer that if these $100+ yoyo’s had more than a one-two paragraph description of their simplistic origin, and instead had a full fledged, non profited/sponsored review consisting of specific details, they would easily double profit. These companies work very hard on design and advertising, and this step is almost mandatory to becoming that much more of a sell-out YoYo company.

Sorry for the speech guys, but you may want to re-read the topic title. That is my closure.

If we have more reviews it doesn’t mean it will help, a review could be horrible and not tell you anything.
So quality over quanity. And any yoyo over $100 is going to be good, just find something that fits your preferences.

Dude, chill out. You’ve only posted the request for the El Ranchero review today. Give people a bit of time to read the thread and then write a review. Nobody is obliged to write a review and writing one well is a fairly time consuming exercise.


I was actually planning to do a review on the YYR Acrophobia within next couple of weeks. Since I couldn’t find one in English while I was shopping around.

Maybe the E=Mc^2, too.

I enjoy writing, do it professionally, and I like writing how-to’s and reviews in my spare time. I do it a lot in some of the other communities where I’m one of the “experts” (unlike in yoyo community).

Still, I’ve toyed with doing reviews and I have quite a few of the throws people would be interested in. The problem I run into, however, is that it’s just so hard to nail down attributes that are definitely part of the yoyo. Things that would definitely be part of your experience that you should know about.

When I write about a watch I can be objective about a lot of things. The construction, the accuracy, the weight, all sorts of things. Other people know exactly what those things mean. Yoyos though, once I tell you if it feels light or heavy, that’s about all I can do. The rest is just pure preference and play style. Tough to do. I’m still thinking about doing a series though. Just trying to figure out how I can structure it so that it feels purposeful to me.

Yeah I wish more yoyo companies were sell-outs.

It is too opinion based for a review to be as helpful as you are asking. I say buy and trade. Don’t just test the water jump in and swim. Find a club, make yoyo friends. Get people involved and they will buy and you can try. If you buy an El Ranchero and hate it someone may trade you a throw of similar value and so on.

Well, how did you like the pistolero (accommodating your own personal preference)

Get a ONE! It’s responsive AND unresponsive!

It is my favorite entirely different than the ranchero. I owned one sold it because I didn’t care for the finish (smooth) played amazing. Big and accommodating for most any trick or style of play. $100+ are that for a reason. Everything else becomes preference.


Is the ranchero blasted?

Ranchero isn’t blasted finish, but you can tell that just by looking at pics. It’s shiny.

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reviews are almost not necessary now since almost any yoyo you buy from these companies is smooth so it just comes down to your preferences of what finish or shape you want. If you like big yoyos with similar a shape to the ranchero you’ll probly like the ranchero

How are the grinds? And matadors?
Thanks btw

Grinds aren’t that good. You can grind it but it’s not slick like a flat, blasted finish. If there were a downside to the throw in stock form that’s it…although the finish looks really cool so I can see where they were coming from. The silver really does look like gunmetal steel, and a blasted finish wouldn’t.

Spikes are sharp as needles, so you’re going to get as little friction on matador and pull starts as possible. I personally don’t play that way but if any throw was set up for it, the Ranchero is.

I really doubt you’d be disappointed with this throw. It’s really very good and I’m not one of those people who just go around saying every throw is good. I dislike throws more often than I like them.

From my understanding the finish is not blasted due to engraving. Everything else about it is amazing. It is the only SPYY I have let go of but that is also because my sons cousin wanted one and it was his birthday. Like has been said if it looks right and you have the dough, go for it.

Most reviews are unwilling to list any negatives about any yoyos. None of the big review sites do either. I’ve wasted enough time reading about how some new yoyo is absolutely perfect and I need to go and buy one right now. Maybe a sprinkling of “a little too heavy” or “no thumb grinds,” but really, it’s like those guys fall in love with everything that they play with. SRSLY?

1: Reviews are subjective and interpretive. You gotta extrapolate their observations and translate that into how it my or may not relate to you. They may love it. You may hate it. Same yoyo. Go figure.

2: Find a way to meet other throwers and see if they have some of these “triple digit toys” and if they’ll let you try them. You near Sacramento? I got plenty. Come by, try out anything I got. That’s the best I can offer. Meeting others is the best way to try stuff. No two people are gonna have the exact same collection.

3: Don’t feel obligated to shell out the big bucks. Amazing things can be done on a $10 Classic or a $35 Protostar. We all have to start out somewhere. I started with a Reflex and Imperial, upgraded to a DM2. I forget what was next. I just got a Classic and those are amazing! I have stuff as cheap as the Imperial keychain to as expensive to the 3Yo3 TI-5, and loads in the $100+ range. What am I playing the most these days? A RecRev Freq. Wave and YYR Diffusion($40 plastic). But if I find myself unsure what I want to use, I reach for a DM2 and have 3 of them. But I can also have loads of fun with a Classic. Dollar value means little, fun is the important thing. I bought the Ann Connolly Whip, yet I have a reglar WHIP. $10, variation on a theme, yet still fun.

Don’t feel your skill level should be reflected by what you’re playing and paying. If I was judged by that, I’d be considered a master I guess. The reality is I ain’t that great, yet my collection is large, expensive and loads of highly desired stuff. I just got a taste for the good stuff and I do share it with others.

Lastly, patience. I dislike it when something just drops and then people are demanding reviews within HOURS of the release. Give it a couple of weeks at least. In other cases, sometimes it just takes a long time for reviews to surface for certain models.