Who makes this

15354215686071433697685 I got this yoyo around 7 years ago at a toy shop in Astoria Oregon. The owner wanted me to try it till it died, it finally died and I really want another but can’t find it.

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That there is some kind of brain yoyo. I think yomega were the ones who really tried to push brain yoyos, but a ton of off brand toy manufacturers started using that type of technology so I wouldn’t say yomega for sure.

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It’s an off brand, he gave it to me for free because someone was trying to get them on the market. It’s always been a beast of a yoyo

Any luck with searching “yoyo” on amazon?

Unfortunately no matches, the you has no markings or serials on it, I’m thinking it might be a prototype unfortunately

Ah ok well then good luck I’m out of ideas.

That looks kind of like the “Triple Moon Yoyo” by [YO]2. The production models have logos on them.

Looking more closely, it’s probably the [YO]2 TRIPLE ACTION: CRYSTAL EDITION, another model that uses that triple clutch system.


Well holy crap, thanks that’s my yoyo