Random Pictures of dusty yo-yos


I wish mine looked like that!

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Ok, I have to post some more pictures soon. It’s been fun seeing all the old yo-yos, and remembering their stories. BTW, if you have to ask about my favorite trick, you most likely were not there and its best to leave some legends as they are, just stories. Some best left forgotten. I assure you I will never, can never perform Chiquita Rolls.

I don’t think anyone posted a Stunt Pilot, yet. Not sure how I acquired this as I would have never paid for one. Someone must have traded it for a Team Tarkin Ultimate Proyo.

I can understand you not wanting to pay for that Stunt Pilot but I be it is fun to have in your collection.

I tried to find mine. I def payed $ for it!

Very nice.

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Man, I have found so many dusty yo-yos! I’ll get around to pics…

Yes, I am happy to have the Stunt Pilot in my collection, hence the jab at trading a Team Tarkin Ultimate Proyo for it as those where a gift directly from Tom V. and I only have one left that sits in the same curio as the Stunt Pilot. Actually, I did not pay for my ColdFusion either, don’t remember how I got it.

Found this “gem” while looking for my Stunt Pilot.


So awful! I actually had two somehow, but the other one is just the rings and bearing, as the plastic just disintegrated!

Some day I will learn how to set up the pics and then you will see some dusty yoyo’s.


Holy laminated specials, awesome!!!^^^

SWEEET No Jive’s!!

Here are my dusty throws… Good 'ol Takeshi modded transitional FHZ’s!

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Needs a polish job. But works just fine the way it is.

Good times.

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Those are amazing.

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Thank you! ;D

OG Shark vs Zombie Beaver was found in my dusty stash! Awesome player 8)

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Just noticed these dusty items in my window at work.


Sitting in the dark corner of the shop>

A Yoyojam Rhoderunner. #001

And this black and yellow yoyo is a Freehand I ‘midgetized’ many years ago. It has weight rings under the caps and Viper guts🙀

It’s sitting on a full size Freehand customized by Calico


How about this kit?!

Looks like putting together, and playing with the Menehune was as far as I got… :-/