you show me yours, I'll show you mine!

Pictures of our collections!

Mine includes;

Ja-ru “Imperial”, Chinese something?, Burger King Marsupilami yo-yo, 2 Old Sturbridge Village wooden traditional, Nogginfactory wooden looper, Devrian Global Industries “$1 Target Yo-yo”, Active People Yo² “Flex Gap”, Active People Yo² “Dark Gem”, Active People Yo² “G-Spin”, Active People Yo² “3 - Moon Auto Return”, YoyoJam Dark Magic 1, Pocket Pro Zombie, Yomega Ooch Smoov, Yomega Maverick, Yomega Exodus 2, YoyoFactory 401K, YoyoFactory DV888, Duncan Gold Imperial, Duncan Tournament Gold Sparkle Imperial, Duncan Midnight Special Imperial, Duncan Mosquito, Duncan (Playmaxx) ProYo, Duncan Glow Imperial, Duncan Freehand 2 (1st run), Duncan “Green Strides Race” Ignite, Duncan Avenger [with hubstacks cause I could], Duncan Metal Drifter, Duncan Raptor, Duncan Metropolis. Not shown cause I’m getting it on Saturday- YoyoFactory Northstar.

Not much yet but I have some serious players here and I love them all! My stringed family!

i think there is specific section for this topic,12.0.html

but anyways… nice collection!!!

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Nice , i’ll post mine up later when I get em all.

Yeah theres a whole section of this forum dedicated to “showing off” what you got. Just click on the “exhibition” section at the forum home page!

Nice throws tho!


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Once this moves, I’ll see if I can muster up the energy to take one of my own. A yoyo is returning home with a new friend yoyo any day now. I’m so excited! I’m getting an Agape!(and my RecRev Sharp back!)

I feet silly! Can I move it or do I have to wait for a moderator to do it?

Go to the Additional options underneath the text box and I think you get the option to move it.

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Nope, unfortunately. I guess it will stay here til it is moved by the official types. In the mean time, pictures of collections, anyone?

1st, just my Duncan’s…

Then my Yomegas

And how about my Yo² for giggles…

And lastly my soon to be growing YoyoFactory group!

Well, yeah, in that case, if you can’t move it, keep posting. It will get where it needs to be. I like yoyo pictures anyways!

If you go down a bit further, WITHOUT being in a reply/quote mode(you’re not adding), I saw a “move thread” button at the bottom. Try that.

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Wow, you seem to like Duncan a lot.

I do indeed. They were what most of us started out on, and it was Jeff Coons of team Duncan that got me hooked on modern yo-yo, AND ever since I got my Raptor and Metropolis I have been Duncan-centric almost completely!

I have that same monkey yoyo