My BST Fixed FS/FT OD, YYJ, YYF, Duncan, Traxxas, Seriously...offer me anything.


The Y Factor

You will never see a metal yoyo this good looking in white. It is kinda smooth. Hubstacker was kind enough to re-silicone it. Plays good.
Wants; YYJ Phenomizm (mostly mint with caps), Jazz Yo Regulus? STYY REmnant 1
On to the others

Two Protostars 45 [b]I recently found the missing bearing and it works great[/b] Missing bearing, but next to mint Also kind of mint, scratches here and there. I siliconed one side [b]100 for the Y Factor and both Protostars[/b]

Good condition DMII. Plays awesome. No caps. Smooth-ish 30$

60$ for both Protostars and DMII

Duncan Metal Drifter, Blue, with size A Center trac. BEST BUDGET METAL EVER!! 18$


cracked cap
Both for 25$

16 gig iPod nano with bad scroll wheel

It just needs to be fixed. The hard drive and battery are still in perfect condition
47$ or trade for YYJ stuff(SFX, Atmosphere, New Breed) doesn’t have to be mint

And a hand made glass/wood display case


                                     [b]180$ OBO takes all above HERE! [/b]

Wants: Feel free to offer me anything else and I will I can throw in my non-yoyo stuff
Seriously, offer me anything

Leviathan 2 violet or blue.
PHENOM, mostly mint with caps, andy color
CONFECTION any color
Hugo Z Hor (watch your language)
STYY Remnant 1 or 2
Spyy Solaris or Pro
YYF 44 (the only YYF product I like)

NYYR stuff
This might be stretching it a bit far, but this was my old hobby. I have been so busy lately I never run this thing. It is a FANTASTIC RC truck. Water proof, mud proof, almost indestructible. It comes with all the tools and parts you need for tuning and fixing. Comes with two 7 cell 4200maH NiMH batteries and the charger, two bodies, after market sets of tires. Reaches about 30mph. The reason why its a tad slower is because the single motor in it replaced two of the stock motors. It is far more powerful, torque and acceleration wise, and can run longer.
Believe me when I say this: the instruction book makes it incredibly easy to replace/add/or fix parts.

Starting at 400$. Or best offer
keep in mind that mine includes A TON of stuff. I’ve probably invested around 400$ in parts and accessories

This next video contains footage of a different, smaller, much faster RC car that I sold long ago. I just thought it would be fun to share

Airsoft rifle and pistol; Rifle is spring and shoots 380. The pistol is a TON of fun. shoots 180. Includes BBs and accessories. 30 for everything or a YYJ Atmosphere

Billiard cues.
The wooden one is 20 oz the Graphite is one is 19oz. Both have smooth shafts. Includes the case.
40$ for all

Did you do the Powder coat?

Nope. My friend did

I might make it to yoyo club this saturday. Hopefully my Sliepnir comes :wink:

last week was the best, you shoulda been ther.

Thanks. It drew just as much attention as me yo-yoing today
HEY KIDS. I heard you like sleep :-X

I like snow, I can’t wait for winter :slight_smile:

Speaking of which… My RC truck is perfect for snow

Please don’t have me refer to craigslist